Other forums that share trading systems?

Hi guys,

I was just wondering, do you know other forum that also share trading systems like this one? thanks

Why would you need another forum? everything you need is right here. :wink:

google—>search—>forex forum

HA! What a joke… 9 out 10 posts at Babypips are from ww.dailyfx.com analisis and the rest is from scambags!

How many systems do you need?

And YES…you are one of those scum bags…u are worse than my house dog.

U register here just to post this **** ? Get a new life.:eek:

lol jimocean, i agree with you. i arbor a large amount of cynisism toward forexmentor.

but with respect for the purpose of a forum i will answer the post.

funguy, try forexfactory.com, they are a very large comunity of traders and they provide a great calendar of news events that move the market.

Also you can try forex-tsd.com,and also Forex Street. The Foreign Exchange Market with their forum section.