Other places like this

This is quite possibly the internet’s best markets education website.

However, does anyone know something good along the lines of babypips for options, and futures (and possibly equities).

Any good educational resources you personally recommend?


well this might help

::: B.R.A.I.N.-Trading Stocks and Futures with Mechanical Trading Systems :::

best eh!

Maybe I’m missing something… but it looks relatively shoddy and doesn’t seem to be too helpful for a beginner

go to the bottom to money management read through it all. Sorry if it doesn’t help I thought since you were looking for futures it would. Since it helped me I thought I would pass it on to you. have a good one.

Anyone else?

Elite trader covers everything. Forex Factory is another good forex site - can’t rival the pipschool at babypips, but has a good calendar with details of most economic announcements (importance, expected, actual), and the forum is quite a bit better than this one, due to more experienced posters.