Pairs to watch from sunday 5pm until friday 5pm EST

If I wanted to turn on my laptop any time of day or night and find a pair to trade thats really volatile, what pairs would I look into?
I am trying to organize my tradingview lists by London, Sydney, Tokyo and New York sessions with the relevant most active pairs under each session.
Any advice?

The answer varies all the time so you need to track which pairs are most volatile each week.

ATR is good for this, most people use a 14-day period.

But ATR does not give the full picture. For example the ATR14 for AUD/USD is currently 0.00530, i.e. 53 pips. The ATR14 for EUR/USD is 0.00657, i.e. 65.7 pips. Because it’s ATR14 is greater, it looks like EUR/USD is more volatile. But calculate the ATR14’s as percentages of the current prices and you find that EUR/USD’s ATR14 is only 0.58% of its current price, whereas AUD/USD’s ATR14 is 0.76% of its current price.

So which is better for your strategy?

Of course, next week they might have switched positions…

It’s called “the beast” for a reason - check it out :slight_smile:

ok what is the beast?

Apologies - you have to think about your post - first up you need to cover at least 2 opposite trading zones - so maybe Europe and Asia - mainly because Asia leads and then Europe next.

Right now Asia is coming to life, then Europe tomorrow morning - traditionally there was a phone handover between Hong Kong and London (before the internet age) - so figure which 2 currencies applies back then - long before the Euro.

I’m not being awkward - it’s just that I’ve found in my own learning curve that which I research I remember - post back when you have it sussed.

Ok europe and asia, Sydney opens at 5pm. tokyo at 7 so maybe AUDJPY, AUDNZD, NZDJPY ?
london opens at 3am…NYC 8am. I hear the best chance to cash in is 8am until noon.
so maybe GBPCHF, GBPJPY, EURJPY, USDCHF. Do the GBP pairs really move an average of 50 pips a day?
What is your best advice?