Parabolic SAR EA with default settings


I’m looking for a parabolic sar EA Robot set to indicator default settings that will open a trade the moment the dot appears in the opposite direction. It will also close the previous trade when the dot appears in a new direction. Nothing fancy. Anyone have anything like this or know where I can get this parabolic sar EA? Thank you, Ron

Shouldn’t be hard Ron. If someone can write down all the rules in bullet points on this thread I’ll write the EA. (I don’t fancy reading through the PSAR thread - its huge!)


Well something I didn’t know is that the dots of parabolic sar can disappear and end up on the other direction when a candle breaks out. I thought once the dot appears it stays there. Now it seems it repaints and it could disappear in the current trend and appear on the other side depending on the movement of the candle when it changes position. This means you can’t really back test parabolic sar since the dots change and appear on the other side when a candle breaks out. Which means you may get in , in the middle of a candle already. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Ron

I tought it was just me.
i swear the dot was on one side and then the next day i look and it seems to be on the other side.
I use Oanda and there is not dot at all when it changes from buy to sell.
still trying to figure it all out.
seems like sometimes it doesn’t change and then the next day it says that it changed yesterday and i missed it.
but i dont remember seeing the change.
Im still playing right now with fake money but doing pretty good.
Anyone else notice the same thing ?

The PSAR dot won’t change once the candle is complete. This is the only time it is valid and an EA would be coded to work off the latest COMPLETE candle. As I understand it you enter a trade when PSAR changes. This would mean the dot has changed on the candle of the day that has just ended, and we enter at the open of the new day candle, with stop loss at the level of the PSAR dot. Is this all there is to the system?

Never trust any incomplete candle, not just for PSAR, but for everything. For example, yesterdays daily EUR/USD candle would have looked very bearish early on, then went on to close as a very bullish hammer.

Questions asked here have been discussed at length in the PSAR thread. Yes it is rather lengthy but the information in it is truly priceless. I am halfway through it and implementing the ‘system’ on a demo with surprisingly great results.


so the psar signal works off the last daily candle to close?
I am only using it on the daily charts.
I look at the hourly and 3 hour charts to see if they are going in the same direction to make sure when to enter the trade.
Is that a good idea ?
Toughest thing is when to exit.
Exspecially when your not even on the profit side of the trade yet.
How do you know when to get out when it keeps going not in your favor.
Do you just hold out and hope it turns around or do you just cut your losses.
Lots of practice like anything else I know and trust the PSAR I hope.


The problem as I see it is that PSAR on its own will only work in trending markets. If you enter at the close of the day, when a dot gets ‘cemented’ onto the candle your stop loss will be a long way away from price so risk:reward is bad. If the market ranges over a few weeks you’ll blow your account.

The solutions would either be to enter at a better price, making your risk:reward more favourable - I’d pluck a 61.8% retracement out as a possible good price. Alternatively you need a way to confirm the market is trending and not ranging BUT, since a change in PSAR is trying to catch the start of a new trend you would need to use an indicator that shows trend-ready, not trending, and hope the trend-ready turns into a trend. eg use tight bollinger bands, or ADX very low.


I’d like to try out their " system " as well. Do you know what post they have it where the system is complete and they start implementing it? Thanks, Ron

i tried it both ways and just reversing with psar seems to be a lot bigger profit than going with the trend.
The trend for me is using the 50 day moving average and only buying when the candle is above the SMA, and opposite for sell.

Hai. i m olso looking for PSAR EA…pls do to post your serching for PSAR EA…here…I m serching this EA,but unfortunately,i cant find one.hope to get one.:smiley: :smiley:

Guess who???

OK, well as ‘insulted’ as I am that some of you don’t deem my ‘trading life story’ ‘riveting enough’ to read about, I’ll save you the trouble!!! On the ‘Parabolic SAR - that’s all!!!’ thread on page 219 post #2189 (my post) you’ll find what I consider to be the best ‘variation’ or ‘implemenation’ of Parabolic SAR that I’ve come up with so far i.e. Parabolic SAR and Fractals. THAT should save you some time.

Also: some of you have quite rightly realised that the dots DO dissapear and that a dot or signal IS ONLY valid when the bar has CLOSED.

I have never seen an EA for Parabolic SAR BUT there MUST be one (at least for MT4) i.e. it’s just too popular for there not to be.

I’m not going to continue to answer posts on this thread because as one or two others have pointed out: believe them and me when I say that EVERTHING that you can think of as it relates to Parabolic SAR has been covered in the 222 pages of that thread!!!

Hello all, I’m finishing a EA implementation for PSAR System following instructions from the thread “Parabolic SAR System. That’s all”

So… When I finish it… I’ll post it here…

If anyone has sugestions about that system to become more reliable… feel free to post ok?

Thanks in advance!
Benier Marques

Are you still working on this? Any idea when it may be complete.

Thanks, Really looking foward to it.

Yes, I’m still working on it… and its variations… i.e Parabolic SAR + Fractal;;; Parabolic + Borllinger Bands and Parabolic alone…

But I decided to divide the implementation in two parts: one indicador to entry… and other expert adviser to entry, calculate profits, stops, break even, smart trailling stop and more…

When I finish I’ll post it here…