Passionate beginner

I’m a passionate beginner in forex I want to earn more than I work for


Being passionate will help you a lot to learn. Actually there is no alternative to being skilled if anyone wants to get success in forex trading. You can start your study from here

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Study, practice study practice study practice and then study some more and youll get there

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If you’re starting from the very beginning, it is very likely that you don’t know too much about forex trading. So, commit to learning everything about forex trading and do not make the mistake of thinking that forex trading is like gambling.

Good luck on your journey. Study hard and don’t over leverage your positions. Take your time, you can’t buy experience

Welcome, best of luck!

Very good of you to start now. You need more than 12 months to starting making consistent profit.

Study, practice, study and practice but with patience. good things take time

Decide what you need to learn in order to trade. 2 days.

Google or post questions to find out those things. 2 days.

Research brokers and open a handful of demo accounts. 2 days.

Try out the demo account with the biggest broker to ensure you understand platform terminology and functions. 2 days.

Research a simple strategy which suits your life-style and character and which is as objective as possible. 2 days.

Demo trade and war-game the strategy to confirm you understand how it works under differing market conditions. 2 days.

Adapt the strategy a little to suit your personal requirements and strengths: demo it again. 2 days.

Run the strategy in demo until profits come consistently. 100 trades.

Capitalise an account and start trading small. The objective is to increase your annual income.

  • Know the Markets.
  • Make a Plan and Stick to It.
  • Practice.
  • Forecast the “Weather Conditions” of the Market.
  • Know Your Limits.
  • Know Where to Stop Along the Way.
  • Check Your Emotions at the Door.
  • Keep It Slow and Steady.

Being passionate about trading is great! I wish you to keep your motivation whatever happens, remember to learn more about markets and your psychology.

Excellent post. A nice roadmap to follow

It’s good to be passionate but always know that there’s a slight difference between passion and desperation. Both drive us to go beyond our boundaries but desperation will lead you to take impulsive decisions. I would suggest you not to hurry and give due time to learning and practicing.

I can’t stress enough the importance of Demo .
I would suggest at least 6 months before risking any capital its a conservative approach

I respect your enthusiasm, I hope you hold onto that passion as you do your training. It is tougher than you think to trade, so if you’re not willing to put in the effort then this isn’t the place for you.

If you are a beginner at forex trading, you have chosen a very interesting profession. While being a trader requires dedication, knowledge, and time spent learning new skills, it becomes all worth it if done right. Good Luck