Pattern tradeR

Econ major living in Madrid, I have one year left of college.

I’ve been lurking around since January and I finally decided it’s time to get active and join as a member.
So I got a real account with $40 and have been trading 0.01 lots. Right now I don’t concentrate on profits I am more concentrating on correct pattern analysis.

I’m hooked on fib levels and pattern trading, after having stumbled across Scott Carney.

Hope to meet some people, share some ideas, etc. I have a blog too but I can’t post it because I need at least 5 posts, so if anyone else has a blog based on pattern trading I would love to follow / join a network, right now I feel like I’m flying solo and I would like to start interacting with other bloggers.

Thanks if any of you have any advice on pattern trading!!!


I like patterns and usually when you spot one it can rain money however sometimes they are hard to spot and you have to wait for them.