People are scared of SJWs - Good People forced to lie ! about BIG things!

Only 40 years then !

Well - I don’t think SJWs were even about 40 years ago ! - SO who were they afraid of back then ?

Police officers must have joined the force, during this period and have now retired on their generous pensions and remained silent throughout their whole careers - (the Official Petition linked to above is now satnding at over 110,000 - Yet still no mention in MSM )

But it seems Yet another “Enquiry” has now been started - Just kicking the issue into the long grass again.

Some of those early white English Girs are now in their 50s and will be grandmothers whose own girl children will have been abused in the same way - possibly even their grand-daughters -

AGAIN I ASK - WHERE HAVE THE FEMINISTS BEEN ? All this time ? Why are they SIlent - Even now ?

Update - There Does seem to be a connection between the Home Secretary and the “bullying” smear perhaps ?

What is it going to take for you Brits to get serious about your

Paki Thug Problem ?

We Brits know about it Clint - It’s quite obvious from the absence of ANY FEMINISTS in the discussions anywhere that it is being Deliberately un-addressed

Here’s 4 minutes from Stefan Molyneux and Carl Benjamin in which it is discussed succinctly and in an Adult way

Naz - "Victims of abuse in Rotheram shoud shut their mouths forf the sake of diversity" Shah - is fiven a ministerial post by SIR Keir Starmer

So maybe this thread is about racism.

So why did this comment raise the racism word back a while in Aussie?

Who taught this lady these words, where did they come from, were they racist in the time they were written, is there another part?

I’ll give you a clue - you have to go back a few years…

Maybe more than 50 years, maybe even more than 100 years.

No, to find the origin of that ‘racist’ video you have go back to just before the days of videos and racism which sadly i cannot link to - the 6th century AD

Edit: forgot about the other part - the next king of England :slight_smile:

Apparently the overall figure seems to be in the hundreds of thousands of almost exclusively wkite English (with some Sikh) girls -Gang Raped over some 40 years by men almost exclusively of Pakistani Muslim origin

Your “racism” slur, Peter - is unworthy of you !

And is Exactly what has caused this huge issue in teh first place !

As I have been at pains to point out - even in the title !

You have to consider, people like me have no idea what SJW means, clint’s post references a racist theme to which you as the OP seem to agree with, maybe I’m wrong.

Anyways, was trying to divert attention - if you get time do some research on what the Aussie lady had to say.

I believe that you know very well it means “Social Justice Warrior” Peter ! You certainly seem able to use Google in any case !

And I repeat there is no racial undertone in this thread - but it is necessary to adress the problem without the fear which CAUSED the issue in the first place

ANd Bravo to those who are prepared to take issue with it
Sajid Javid
Priti Patel
and Maajid Nawsaz
among many others - Keep up the goood work peeps !

Aha so that’s what we Irish are - I knew it all along.

Just having a little craic - but in all seriousness there is a reason why I linked to that Aussie lady - it’s such a long story, the daughter was derided as being racist because her mother recanted what she had ‘been taught’ - she had no idea from whence she had been taught.

So happens my dad told the exact same story, he was of the same era, and he was def not racist.

That’s politics for you.

Anyways we put our candle in the window tonight - good will prevail :slight_smile:


We have a response to “The Petition” - Apparently !

THE REPORT - Commissioned by Sajid Javid with the Promise that nothing would be beyond question - had been completed by “The Home Office” - who it is reported were the originators of the Cover Up in teh First Place !

Priti Patel continued the work of her predecessor and apparently “shouted at” Those trying to frustrate his/her instructions - Seemingly causing (or perhaps demanding ?) the resignation of that SIR Rutnam fella who is threatening to sue for unfair dismissal.

Go for it mate - says I and Priti - tell the tribunal WHY he resigned and WHAT he was “shouted at for” - And pubish the proceedings too!

Sargon and any other fair-minded person of any Sex, Colour, or Religion should be Truly Incensed at the “Response” - The Beaurocrats have published.

It shoud be noted that throughout their “response” the Sawmp dwellers insist on referring to “the Government” - But I take No belief that there is anything herein to balme This Government for at all ! Simply “they” want to hide behind elected MPs when the genuine fault is in teh Deep state - Those same Swamp Dwellers - who we desperately need to find a way of holding to account !

Anyhow highly recomended vid for any right-thinking person !

A breath of fresh air perhaps ? Clearly that “Reply” was a Home Office fudge - and the PC reasoning behind it is the base cause of the whole issue we are looking at here remaining unaddressed !

Well here is the body of an e-mail I got this morning ;-

They’ve only handed the “Homework” back and told the word weasels to "DO IT AGAIN" ! and this time "GET IT RIGHT" ! :heart_eyes:

EDIT 15.05.20

And what if anything has “improved” now ?

ANd I DEMAND AGAIN — Where are the Freakin’ Feminists ?

"A victim of the infamous Rochdale grooming gang recently met her abuser face to face while shopping in ASDA. This was not part of a victim perpetrator meet in order to try and understand crimes.

Adil Khan was jailed for eight years in 2012 after being convicted of trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child, he was released in 2016. He was supposed to have been deported back to Pakistan he appealed against that and lost that appeal in 2018, but still remains in the UK.

Ian Collins speaks to former detective constable Maggie Oliver, who was the lead investigator on the Rochdale child sex abuse ring case for the Greater Manchester Police.

Maggie claims that the convictions made in the Rochdale child sex abuse ring of 9 men in early 2012 barely scratched the surface of what she describes as a “highly organised crime group that numbered hundreds of perpetrators” and countless young victims…"

PS - That petition is still open for signature btw

Presumably he is from Pakistan - so how does he get into the UK?

Ireland is like GB - an island nation. At arrival there is a separate lane for ‘Non EU’ passport holders. Are there many more illegals in GB, will they fix this from next year after Brexit?

In NI we don’t have many illegals, in fact very few - some were found last year in a Chinese takeaway but the police acted quickly.

Just wondering.

(Shhh ! - where are the feminists ? )

I think that the despicable silence of the Feminists in the subject issue of this thread - can only be taken as evidence of the fact that "Feminism " as we are led to believe it exists - can only be a fake movement and certainly does Not in any way seem to have anything to do with compassion for women !

Similarly the silence of the mainstream media - means that they think they know “better than us” - as to exactly what facts are “real” and when to call reality “Fake news”

Anyway - something has popped up in the last few days (which you may have forgotten already - since it didn’t fit the Narrative" ) and I call on Douglas Murray Authour of " the Madness of Crowds") to give us a balanced view of it and the response of another vociferous “Victim group”

Another isssue - stemming from “Cultural Sensitivities” - Just 10,000 Slaves in an English Town - which were well known to the “Authorities” and ignored - alongside the 1,000,000 white English girls gang-raped, trafficked and racially abused (where is the “Feminista” ?) (Some of whom are from the SAME Town ! )

And now that town is under lockdown again - and people dying - directly correlated to the Slavery !


ffs - It HAS to be TIME - To SHOUT About it surely ?

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Brave Swedish Girl ! - gets put away !

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Still the cover up continues - WHERE are the feminists ???