Sure, kindly PM me with his email address. I will keep things intact in the meantime to see how it goes for a couple more weeks. If the issue persists, I’ll be in touch with your rep.

In theory the spread markup for Standard accounts should paint the same charts just shifted down by half a pip… however, with faster moving markets, volatile markets, poor net connections resulting in fewer ticks read and packets dropped, etc… the charts might get a bit off at times when you’re looking at a 1M chart. In the bigger picture, it should all work out the same, but some EAs that are very price sensitive or tick sensitive can experience different results for sure.

Actually, this might not be your problem, but if you’re using a VPS some platform setups might cause missing ticks (and thus missing signals):

Even Windows Server 2k3 vs 2k8 vs 2k12 directly impacts the total amount of ticks received (not that the broker sends less, just the networking stack and such on the OS level has proven to drop more packets by mistake and discard them since ticks are time sensitive.) Look here:

in any case, the new 2012 platform does indeed receive more ticks vs the older generation. This is just the natural evolution of virtualization technology. You will find the most ticks with 2008 and 2012 rather than 2003. 2008 and 2012 are virtually identical in tick count. 2003 less so, can sometimes miss up to 20%.

From: CNS VPS service

So while the tick rate and count on a bar-by-bar basis might appear the same (since they are updated after the fact) the terminal might not get them as they happen if you’re running on an older OS in an older VM setup, so thus the trade doesn’t get triggered.

I’m not convinced this is your problem, since that should affect other brokers as well running on the same platform, but I’m trying to illustrate that issues like this can be caused by a multitude of things that you wouldn’t expect at first glance.

I am running both Pepperstone Razor and Pepperstone Standard from the same VPS. Further, I run my MT4 platforms with other brokers from that same VPS too. Hence, if it was a VPS issue, all of my accounts would be affected, not just Pepperstone Razor.

Yes, like I said, I didn’t think it was the problem, I was just illustrating the point that sometimes things we never thought were related could be the issue. So it’s best to work it out with the broker if they can shed some other light on the issue. Technology is iffy that way.

Would you mind sharing what VPS you are using? I know some brokers offer free VPS hosting with a forex account but I prefer getting something

If it helps, I use CNS’s VPS solution and I’m very happy with them. I think Pepper recommends Beeks since they are fiber connected with Edge but my ping from CNS to the Edge server is 1ms so I’m happy even if they aren’t “On Net” with Edge. (CNS is On Net with the old server though, if anyone still uses it.)

perks up

I just noticed this from a post on ForexFactory’s broker section by mmaker about brokers offering CTrader:

It also shows up on Sprotware’s site.

Then I went to Pepper’s site to confirm and saw this off their main page here:

But no CTrader page yet in the platform section.

Either way, looks like we will see CTrader added soon at Pepper! :smiley:

I’m quite excited about this. ^-^

Got an email from Pepper last night. The new web trader by appears to be live.

I tried it out and it’s a vast improvement over the previous web trader. The new version is rather slick actually…

Quite pleased with this. :slight_smile:

It’s out. Officially… WOO!

Hi everyone.

Would just like to ask if Pepperstone is the #1 Australian broker for traders who prefer NY-close charts?

Also, Pepperstone > AxiTrader?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Anybody can help me with my question above?

In January 2015, Pepperstone was accused in The Australian for making various claims in relation to their proprietary technology. Yet more, the founders Kerr and Davenport were accused of taking $32m in dividends even when they were in the red, and a shortfall in client funds was noted.

Taking Pepperstone with a grain of salt

On the back of this, the two founders extracted $32m from the company in dividends, even though their total liabilities stand at $94m compared to $83m in cash and cash equivalents. The *accounts also reveal there is a $14m shortfall in clients’ funds with $85m recorded as owed to clients while $71m is held on segregated client accounts.

Quite dodgy. As with all brokers, it’s probably best to only deposit enough money to cover margin and short-term drawdown.

Any updates on that January 2015 news?

Pepperstone’s UK office can only offer 30:1 leverage but have great ECN spreads.
After a few questions I found out you can visit their Australian website directly:
I’ve demo tested on MT5 and so far so good. Will update on live execution later. #Scalpingsolutions :smiley:

Each broker each client is different, depending on what they like, my apinion.

I very much recommend this broker for numerous reasons. I as an EU citizen use its UK branch, which is regulated by FCA. That of course is one great thing to have. I’m trading with Pepperstone for a few months and so far everything worked well. When I had technical difficulties, their support was very fast, responsive and helpful as well. I count to pleasant bonus great webinars and analytical service from BKForex (Kathy Lien and co), special tools like Auto Charter and many other goodies.

Dukascopy are the best yet their MT4 is poo, the great MT4 ECN intermediaries are FX Open and IC Markets. Both are managed specialists, be that as it may on the off chance that you like Dukascopy’s stage go with’em.

Anyone live in the UK and have a Pepperstone live account based in Australia?

More leverage available, but regulated by ASIC, not the FCA… too risky?..

Pepperstone --who in my experience has some of the best customer service and execution quality out there-- is running a promotion where new users get their first 20 trades commission free:

20 Free Trades - Pepperstone

Not bad at all for anyone who wants to try out a new brokerage.

I was a client of Pepper for many, many years and only have positive things to say about them.