Performing Proper Fundamental Analysis

Hey everyone,

I’m curious how everyone does fundamental analysis, can anyone recommend a website, book or software that allows for education on how to properly perform fundamental analysis?

I’m struggling with this concept as well at the moment.

There is a good chapter about it in the book I’ reading:

“Day trading and swing trading the currency market” by Kathy Lien. I’m trying to get my head round it all and put it into an applicable method of assessing a currency’s strength/weakness.

The COT report is another useful tool I’m looking to incorporate into my systems as well.

Commodities are sometimes a good indicator I’m finding - for AUD (gold) , CAD (oil) and they have an effect on USD and risk appetite.

Also carry trades and interest rates are useful.

Sorry I can’t be more informative or specific, but those are just some of the things I’m looking at to base some fundamental analysis on.

There are more such as bond yields, calls/puts - and not to mention unemployment, GDP… so much stuff!