Persistent links to commercial signal-services

lexy you are the first person who breaking the forum rules , by promoting and advertising the al broke website in your posts and let members go to buy his books
when im thinking clearly now i should have to report your that post too , stop messing with forum calmness the moderators know their job we no need one more


… and is that not precisely what Lexys is trying to do with this thread? and has been trying to resolve for a long time privately before resorting to a public thread?

Clarification, I think, is all that is being asked for here. i.e. what [I]is [/I]actually allowed here - and if something is[I] not [/I]allowed then is it being effectively moderated. No responses from the moderators here yet.

I just expressed my support for Lexys in what she is seeking and I personally think the site would benefit from a clear response to her issue, but ultimately it is for each person to decide if being here is worthwhile or not. In my case, this site is neither good nor bad - it is currently just dull and uninspiring and I think I will find my own way out before I am thrown out! :smiley:

Been good talking with you, Speed Bump. I wish there were more active threads like this one that actually dealt with deeper trading issues. Your observations on that are already noted! :slight_smile:

Hmmm interesting contradiction there, Markaria!

If you feel that Lexys is breaking the forum rules then how can you [I]also [/I]claim that the moderators know their job when such posts are left intact?

Actually, you are totally [I]supporting [/I]Lexys’ complaint here that rules are not being moderated properly - even if you feel it is Lexys’ own posts that are sometimes guilty!

Good to have your support here, too…

(I [I]promise [/I]not to say any more here about this topic! :smiley: )

Her posts left just because i didnt report the post , but instead thanks for her reporting my post since i was try to give a book to another member of forum
I got infraction because of that

Well it spins away the odd half hour or so when things are quiet :slight_smile:

As much as I agree with the objective & sympathise with the frustrations, it is what it is.
I’ve dialled in & out of this joint for nearly 5 years now & a few likeminded souls over on 16 candles have made sporadic appearances between 5 & 10 years. They wouldn’t get drawn into debates or discussions about how best to operate, manage & police the forum back then & they won’t now. It’s been tried before to no avail.

If/when there’s a need to intervene they’ll do so & issue a short statement explaining why, which usually revolves around protracted & escalating conflict, often involving some whack job of a guru or his disciples. They’ll also act quickly to blanket mass spammers who occasionally pop up out of no-where, but apart from that they’ll tend to allow the place to self-moderate until they need to step in.

There are pros & cons to that stance, but generally it works well. I’ve been involved in my fair share of those guru conflicts over the years & I must say they’re mighty tolerant majority of the time. I’d have banned me more than once if I’d been them, lol.
But I’ll give them credit where it’s due…they’re firm but fair & generally they know whose legging who!

In my (& others) experience they’ll usually weed out the culprits eventually & let the members chase most of them out the door themselves.

It’s a pretty thankless task if you ask me because you’re attempting to balance a varied diet of personalities, experience levels, attitudes & principles. What suits one individual won’t suit another & they have to juggle all points of view & side with what they feel works for the majority most of the time.

Sure, they occasionally get it wrong & rub some up the wrong way by their apparent lethargy, but the site has been jogging along for 10 years without too many landmines exploding.
If they’re not responding to this issue then I guess you have to assume it doesn’t rate as one of their priorities for the time being.

I guess if folks don’t like their stance they have 2 choices.
Will the site suffer if more established members move on?
Maybe, but that’s the risk they take & are probably prepared to.

Don’t be so ridiculous, Markaria. That isn’t breaking the rules at all.

I have a little list of about 12 different books which have been very helpful to me, some of which I sometimes recommend, when beginners ask for book recommendations.

What kind of forum would it be if people can’t ask for book recommendations, for heaven’s sake?!

The kind of “promotion” I’m complaining about is a 172-page thread compiled [B][U]by the vendor[/U][/B] of a commercial signal-service, who states openly that it’s his own signal service and habitually posts links to it.

If you really can’t see the difference between that and [I][U]a book/course recommendation when someone has asked for one[/U][/I], it’s clearly not worth discussing it with you.

Post or transmit any advertising, promotional materials, or other forms of solicitation, whether personal or commercial, including chain letters, pyramid schemes, and links or URLs to third party websites deemed as commercial;

here is the term of use and babypips rules go and read again
you have done this for albroke books ive seen it maybe you edited by now
dont keep blame everyone please start from yourself then forum will and should be better place

I’m baffled. You genuinely can’t see the difference between an [B]independent[/B] recommendation for a book, when a member has asked for one on a specific subject, and a 172-page thread compiled [B]by a vendor with frequent links to his own commercial signal-service[/B]?

Anyway, if you really can’t see the difference between the two, it’s clearly not worth discussing it with you.

I suspect you’re just displeased because you posted something [I]that breached someone’s copyright[/I], and the moderators rightly removed that while leaving my post - and all the others - in that thread on the board. Or maybe you somehow “blame” me for your infraction? (For the record, it had absolutely nothing to do with me at all, needless to say.)

Absolutely, and well put.
As you said earlier, some of us have more important and relevant things to do - like getting on with our trading. That’s where I’m going now and, like you, will drop by from time to time to see if things have become more interesting…

In the meantime, thanks very much for your refreshing and candid responses here. Hope to “Bump” into you again some time! :slight_smile:

so pointless

this thread reminds me of a old chinese saying:

you cant get clean by taking a bath in the yellow river.

disclaimer: yellow river is the Huang He. the diertiest looking river on planet full of mud and animal excrements.

yellow river in this saying is reflecting the public and the gathering of many people and their opinions (just like a forum- mud and excriments) and you challenging those “people and their opinions” is like taking a bath into that river full of mud and animal excrements (forum) and the “cant get clean” is selfexplainatory in this context.

or in other words: you want to stay dry and clean? dont jump into the yellow river (forum). by jumping in it you wont stay clean no matter how much you try/fight.

It reminds me of a more modern French one: when seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

Last edited by Pipzilla; Today at 02:52 PM. Reason: Inappropriate

If anyone’s wondering what that was about, I put a smiley in my post just above, to clarify to my friend Turbo that I was kidding. The moderator edited the post just to remove the smiley, without altering the text at all.

I didn’t like the imputation of “inappropriateness” and sent him a very polite message asking if he’d be kind enough to delete my post instead, as I didn’t want Turbo to imagine that I’d posted anything “inappropriate”, and then the same moderator sent me an infraction instead! :19:

If the spam doesn’t drive me away, they’ll drive me away with infractions. However you look at it, it’s clear which members they protect. :wink:

(And by the way, it was a perfectly innocent smiley which I’ve posted here several times before!).

If you’re innocent then why do you have to explain yourself? Now I wonder what kind of “smiley” is that. :33: I believe the moderators are just doing their job and you can’t accept the fact that you’re not exempted. :57:

Read the rules again, Lexy. :5:

thank you for the clarifaction :slight_smile: i indeed was wondering what you wrote before you posted this reply but i was in no way thinking that you were inapropriate towards me as i know you well enough to know that you are never inapropriate or attacking anyone and especially not friemds :slight_smile:

Because I was maligned by an imputation of posting something “inappropriate”, when I hadn’t at all, and I didn’t want Turbo to misunderstand and imagine I was being rude to him.

A perfectly innocent one I’ve posted here before, and I’ve now edited my post above to mention that. I sometimes paste in smilies from the “clicksmilies” site - there are loads of them in my posts. Nobody’s ever complained about it before.

ps lexy

let use Bobbbillbrown word call a spade a spade, Babypips is a dysfunctional place to learn forex trading and discuss the topic trading…

In this moment we have some interesting movement in the forex market ,lot of probabilities is pupping up
strong movement after brexit …

Only a idiot or fanatic patroism is holding long position in GBP after brexit … You friend pipmehappy have been quiet for a periode i guess the market have cleaned him out …
Hundreds of analyses ,5000 post reading about trading x hour every day and not figure out that after brexit
will GBP weakness …what shame …

[B]Im not so worry about the commercial voices in this forum … Is it the Infinite stupidity that many members spread around the forums with their expert utterances and analyzes.
in my opinion it is the biggest problem for a new trader.[/B]

My commercial message to people who want learn trading . best learning material you find one the market today is AL Brooks and Lance Beggs.

You get it to affordable prize lot of free material…

I am new on this site and I would like to share an observation. I ran a manufacturing business for 10 years. It grew from a small entity that was not making any money into a successful operation. Our competitors were flooding the market with cheaper inported product but we managed to beat them. The key to the success of the business was the quality of the product we were producing. The quality of our product came down to the simple fact that I did what I could to look after my employees. As long as they were happy, I was happy. As long as I looked after them, they looked after me.
How does this relate to Babypips? Firstly let me say that I think this is a fantastic site and the forum has great potential. I started posting here in the hopes of attracting dialogue with senior traders, and in turn, assist other junior traders with my journey. I have had really positive interaction with 2 members of this site, Manx and Lexys.

I see value in the contribution that these two members will bring to your site. With effective policing of irrelevant, repetitive posters, you will create a place that people know they can come to for quality interaction. The pip school here is awesome, you can make the forum just as awesome by integrating quality members…not chasing them away. From what I see, they want to help improve your product, and do it free of charge! If I had a someone willing to provide a free service that would enhance my product I would be all over it like white on rice.

My 2 cents…put aside your differences, give Manx and Lexys some admin privileges for a trial period, and I bet you wont be disappointed.

No chance of that, Grant - I’m getting infractions for posting smilies at the moment, not “privileges”.

I offered (a while ago) to help just temporarily deleting the obvious spam by moving it to a concealed folder which only the admin staff can see (“soft-deleting” in other words), just to clean up the board at no risk at all to the forum’s management. I thought I’d offer to help, how I could, in a way the forum could gain from it but have no risk of losing anything.

But at the moment we can all see that they want to protect the spammers (and give me trumped-up infractions). So I’ll probably “be on my way” soon enough. :rolleyes:

That would be a real shame, imho you’ve been one of the most helpful and well-informed posters on here