Personal coaching

Seeking personal coaching, will pay… I’m too stubborn to own up to the fact that I’m no good at this and will expend all the time energy and money I have until I reach rock bottom. So if someone would like to take advantage of this, I am paying for coaching.

I’ve just road out a trade all week to bring in 50 pips, that should have been profited on within the first 8 hours. I moved to USD/CHF for an afternoon trade, realized that price was at an old resistance level on the day chart, moved to the M15 seen a double top and prices going down on the H1, H4 and D1. So I enter short. 10 minutes later I’m 28 pips in the hole. I was shooting for 10 pips.

I don’t care if I ruin myself financially inthe short term over this. I’ve never failed at anything I’ve worked at (well, except for learning to ride a motorcycle), and I won’t fail at this.

Name your price and tell me why you think you can teach me. 10-30 pips a day would be worth it to me. It has now become an issue of principal and self worth as opposed to immediate financial gain, and is literally driving me crazy.

Look up the 40-100 pips a day live trading thread. You’ll find your answer there.

So in need of a coach then, well I could be someone to think of, but being honest there is nothing to guarantee nothing in the forex, we can use indicators, analysis(technical and fundamental), but there always will be a need� the bit of good luck that makes our day.

Hello I would recommend you look very carefully, what you are hoping is not always a guarantee. There are many brokers and sites where you can open accounts, I don�t see it wise you throw yourself out there to see who catches you. I got my account from tradeview two months ago and their customer service is great but I am the one trading not them.

Hey Clark and which strategy and indicators do you use? I also have my account with tradeviewforex, but the strategy I�m using is not consistent so I win lots of pips or I lost lots of pips� and it�s a shame�. I think how could I prevented the loss but if I stick to the strategy I�m using, there was no way to prevent the loss

If you�re considering undertaking any form of coaching or tuition ensure the practitioner offers a pre-training evaluation & compatibility analysis.

Any trainer/coach worth their salt will not waste valuable time or resources entering into a business transaction before first identifying the suitability of the candidate.

That process alone will usually filter out & discard at least 90% of applicants.

If you manage to clear that initial hurdle, be prepared to part with some serious dough. Those who have anything worth offering will expect to be compensated for their pro-rata salary or bonus arrangements whilst steering you thru the obstacles. That won�t come cheap.

You should be offered very specific templates and a structured program to suit the specific marketplace & your interaction with it.

The “real deal” instructors out there will most definitely be active or ex-institutional players. If they�re not���avoid them like the plague!

To be honest, most of their clients come by way of personal recommendation.

I feel your pain, I’m the same way. The only exception to my quick learning curve is english (spelling, grammer and general usage – I’m sure people have picked up on that from my posts) and forex… I don’t really care to be more articulate but I am going to trade for a living!

I can’t afford to pay for a mentor, and even if I could I’m not so sure I would. I have however turned anybody who would listen and contemplate all the concepts I talk about into free tutors. My boyfriend being the best example, when I do somthing diffrent (typically somthing stupid) he calls me on it. It took me awhile to realise he wasn’t doing it in an antagonistic mannor but rather as an external ‘inner voice’! Hes just reflecting what I’ve told him I should do, he can tell the diffrence between a loosing ‘good trade’ and a loosing ‘stupid trade’. Afterall my concepts work, I know they work, when I follow my plan as stupidly simple as it is, it works. When I ignore money managment, revenge trade, trade because there isn’t a setup for my trade… I loose, usually I mix all three and I loose alot.

As fustrating as it is, I’m still hanging in there, and I’m slowly changing my behavior, I need to stop thoughts such as:

-Wow, that was nice now if I can make 5 more like that in a row, I’ll have $X, I want $X balance!

-Well, It looks like this is gona bounce/break/continue/reverse so (while ignorant of what the MARKET is telling me) I’ll trade on a hunch/guess/wish/hope. I’m sure everybody does that every now and again, but I do it ATLEAST once a week.

Theres more but I’ll stop now, just trying to help you along before you get a professional mentor :wink:

Thanks everyone!

Mastergunner, I would jump right on that, but the hours don’t work for me. I have read the thread several times though.

Jocelyn, thanks for your real world advice. It sounds like first off, I’m not going to find anyone here. And second, I don’t know enough about the business to find the right person. And if I did, I probably wouldn’t be looking. When you mention compatibility, are you talking about trading style? I didn’t think of that one either.

I’m really looking for a way to get reliable feedback when I screw up. I used to be able to look back on a mistake and say “yep, forgot about that and didn’t even look at this”. Now that I’ve added so many good rules from many of the discussions here, when I take a bad position and look back on it, I scratch my head because I can’t find what I did wrong.

Simy, I appreciate your input as well. Realistically, I probably can’t afford mentoring either. I bet it would burn up everything I have set aside for trading. So I could be mentored and then be the best damn demo trader for the next 3 or 4 years until I save up trading capitol again. lol.

Thanks for all the input!

1st thing i would recommend is to read some discipline and psychology
books eg. Mark Douglas - The Disciplined Trader.

And 2nd try Tymens Candle Stick Trading - Especially the recent post on his updated system, the new system is awesome.

This week there has been a 200 pip move and a 100 pip move that his new system picked up, Both trades were completed within 2 hours.

I cant remember what the first trade was but the second trade was on the EUR/JPY 90 minutes ago, just looking back at it again it was worth a possible 150 pips +


I have trouble excepting the consequences. Even though I use tight money management at the get go of every trade (aside from stop losses), all of my really bad trades have eventually turned around to profit and I’m currently up 13%, I still get really upset when I’m 10 or 15 pips in the hole.

Actually, the stuff you have to say is what I want to hear. How could one ignore an industry expert - although still I’m not ready to quit yet. Lord willing, I have a few years to learn before I’d really have to get in the air or go home.

Following recommended MM rules seems to keep things in check for me, I just get so upset when I make a bad choice. I don’t know how to fix that. It’s the same with demo or real money. If I where to make a mistake or a requirement changes in my day job or in one of my side gigs, I could fix it. In fact, I shine the most under pressure/chaos. In forex, it’s like walking through a mine field. If you step on a mine, your done. There is no opportunity to revise and rework. No amount of overtime can allow you to change that final decision of how you opened your position. I struggle with the idea of calculated losses as part of a successful plan.

Thanks Damo, I will revisit Tymens thread. Thats the first thread I gravitated to when I joined this forum. I kind of set it aside because he got into indicators that I didn’t have access to in the beginning.

I’m a bit leary of where I learn about discipline though. The common theme around here is to develop a system then trade it mechanically. I can’t just use one system really. When I sit down in from of my computer (or windows mobile phone), I try to evaluate every pair I watch on several time frames and decide what system specifics apply, if any at all.

Yes its definitely worth a revisit! SimplexX is currently compiling a PDF document with all the updated information in, that should be posted soon.

I highly recommend setting it up on Dealbook using the new Extreme Starc Bands posted on the thread.

I’m a bit leary of where I learn about discipline though. The common theme around here is to develop a system then trade it mechanically. I can’t just use one system really. When I sit down in from of my computer (or windows mobile phone), I try to evaluate every pair I watch on several time frames and decide what system specifics apply, if any at all.

“Mark Douglas - The Disciplined Trader” Is highly recommended by many of people on here, and looking at the issues you say you are having it would be a perfect read! Its quite a deep book but i think it would help you quite a lot.

I have a PDF of the book if your keen to try it. Leave me a Visitor Message on my account with your email address if ya like and i will email it you.

My advice to you as a professional trader is to be patient. Don’t panic. You probably do not need a coach but patience.

Well my strategy consist of making quick decisions with my trading and also quick exits, this means when I am up what I consider enough than I close.

I came to find out that that strategy doesn�t work, or it�s not really a strategy since it consist of opening and closing all day long. So I hope that someone can help me out with a new one!

Well thank you for not answering, so I had to go and look for some indicators to build up my own strategy. Working with envelopes and William percent range, any one car to help?