Personal introduction

I’m currently employed as a Broadcast Technician and I’ve realised over the past 7 months that having an extra source of funds is a no-brainer for school , food emergencies etc. Friend of mine introduced me to this medium so I figured I’d dive in and try to make something for at least 12 months .

Forget about making money. Forex trading is speculative, not an income stream. First lesson is to learn how NOT TO LOSE money - that should be tattooed on your forehead.

If you’ve no capital, you cannot trade live. So minimum risk and disciplined money management are key to staying in the game while 70% of other noobs drop out along the way.

If you’re still swimming in 6 months time, you’ve learnt how to survive and on your way to being successful.

Taken under advisement …

Welcome to the community, @troy.stennett. Good luck on your fx trading journey.