PH is on lockdown again. :(

Why would it end? Its a politician’s wet dream.

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How many lockdowns have you guys had since the pandemic hit? :open_mouth:

Oh no. :sob: It really looks like most of us have lost hope. :frowning: But I bet by then we’d have herd immunity? :crossed_fingers:

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I guess that’s a good point. :frowning: With people stuck in their homes, not a lot of people are out there and monitoring what most politicians have been doing. :confused:

I think this is our 4th lock-down now. We are well into our 3rd wave, with vaccines being so slow the cases just keep climbing and hospitals are reaching maximum capacity.

Yikes. So sorry to hear that. When the US gets another wave, I doubt we’ll go on lockdown. We’d prob see riots if they do that…

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Yes it will only stop when people stop being sheep and say “NO”

You guys will not get another wave - circa 40% have had at least one dose - herd immunity come May/June - new deadline for everyone is now April 19 - over 16’s who want it.

Quite silly remark - saying ‘no’ has zero chance of stopping neither the virus, sickness nor lockdowns. Vacs on the other hand have a over 90% chance of stopping sickness and hence lockdowns.

Traders look to percentages.

I suppose you’re right. The countries getting their 3rd, 4th or more waves have a much slower vaccine rollout.

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I have no idea. But even if we do, I hope it would be from vaccines and not infection.

Exactly! There doesn’t seem to be an end to this. I’m tired of waiting, to be honest.

I just want us to go back to normal way of life, but so far that seems to be a pipe dream. :frowning:

“Overall, cases in the U.S. are rising in more than 24 states and Puerto Rico. The average number of cases was 5 percent higher in the last two-week period compared to the two weeks prior. But the variants are not all to blame for the growing number of cases. More people are traveling, air travel within the US to vacation spots is bouncing back, and more states and counties are relaxing public health measures prematurely.”

Ohh dear, @peterma, reality is a dish best served cold… States are opening up and the variants are taking over where the original Virus left off… as I have said previously, the impressionable are confusing the success of Lockdowns with the efficacy of Vaccinations…

Traders look to percentages… Realists deal in reality… Not wishful thinking…

Aye - this is true and being a realist I repeat - the US will not encounter another wave.

That Nat Geo site in the link - scroll down and hit the ‘death’ tab - the black line is the 14 day avg.

Percentages of probability when looking at the right side of the chart.

So if a trend follower is there anything that suggests a rise in the black line?

Edit: - when thinking about the right (blank) side of that chart often traders will take on board seasonal trend - so what happened last April without the benefit of vacs

Like ever? Or we talking like in the next 8 months? :open_mouth:

Not likely in the next 8 months - right now we humans have the measure of this particular virus, not all our own work since we had help from Knowledge, but is there yet another virus maybe in 80 years?

What is the situation now ria_rose? Have things gotten better?

Hmmm. :thinking: We’re on Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine so the rules and restrictions have been less strict, but our numbers are still pretty high compared to the numbers a few months ago. :sob: How about in your place? I hope you guys are okay there. :sob:

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We’re about to have ten days of holidays at the beginning of May and apparently the vaccination centers won’t work. :unamused:
I feel pretty dejected, to be honest. :frowning:

Well, it would’ve been the perfect time for the vaccination centers to be on full power since more people would be free to go and get vaccinated. :confused: But well, it might be their time to rest after the days of nonstop vaccinations? :open_mouth: But I’m happy you’ve already gotten your first shot of the vaccine! :blush: