Pick which pairs have the most pips in trading?

Because that’s what I’ve been doing & haven’t had as much success as I would have hoped. How do I pick pairs? I’m on igotrade btw.

The major pairs - crosses between EUR, USD, GBP and JPY - have the tightest spreads and the highest available leverage. They can be practically traded using a small account and small positions.

People say EUR/USD is so heavily traded it never moves long in one direction. People say GBP/JPY makes huge unexpected moves. Maybe, maybe not so much.

No pair is automatically better than another for every trader, it depends on your strategy. But these pairs can be traded well with both long and short time-frames: if you’re scalping, they are definitely the best choice, though scalping is not for beginners.

Demo a simple objective strategy until it makes money consistently on just one of the pairs available. If it does not make money, the choice of pair would probably not be the reason.