Pie chart of forex orders?

Just wondering if anyone knows who are the forex customers of different currencies? For example if one looked at major pairs like GBP/USD and EUR/USD who and what percentage are the order makers?

On this forum we are mostly if not all retail forex customers. Then you have managed forex traders, institutional traders, and bank traders themselves. But you also have countries and financial institutions that need to exchange currency not for profit but just necessity.

Anyways i was just wondering where my money was coming from mostly, not sure if this information is even known but a pie chart would be kinda neat i think.

It�s an OTC market so even daily volume is somewhat estimated.

Would be very hard if you think about it too as If I am an FX manager I will trade with the bank who well then lay off the order in the market. If I count both would that be double containing? If so, how would I separate banks trading flow and banking trading off their own back?

Would be interesting if you could see though�. And I think there are some studies by quasi government bodies like the World Bank and International Settlement Bank that do try.

Thx for the response stucros. Yes i see it is much more complicated than i first thought. I have to get a grasp on this OTC market thing and realize it is much hard to analyze than a centralized market.

Still it would be nice to know what percentage are traders and what are banks, finanical institutions or countries that just have a need of exchanging currency. I am assuming the majority of the markets are traders for profit but i am not sure.