PIP value and margin calculator (excel)


If anyone is interested, I’ve developed a PIP value and margin calculator.

Its excel based, imports latest fx rates for the pair selected automatically and then calculates the PIP value, margin requirement as well as number of pips you can risk based on your equity and risk %.

If you have any comments, suggestions or improvements, please let me know.

Macros must be enabled, when you open the file the first time, please press escape in order for refreshing to be cancelled.

PIP Calculator.zip (71.3 KB)


This tool should be helpful. I am downloading it, thanks.

Not working. Unable to connect with the net. Need to close through a Task Manager.

the application is very helpful for beginner traders like me.

Hi, I have a few questions for ask. Foremost can you write this excel sheet into Google sheets ?

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thanks for this calculator, later will be try