Pip value

I have been trading AUD/JPY but am a bit confused about the actual dollar value showing as profit.

My trading account is in USD, so I presume my broker coverts any profits or losses in AUD to USD at the current rate and this is what is shown.

So what I see will also depend on the USD/AUD rate as well, is this correct ?



There is a pip value for each pair.

Any pair ending in USD:


Will all have a pip value of $1.

Pairs with USD as the base, or pairs with no USD at all will have a different pip value like .83487

In that case, 1 lot would be worth 83 cents. You can usually find the pip value within your broker software.

Thanks for that - have had a look and found it


that doesnt count for me.
$1 will alway be $1

Belgo, what is the price per pip for USD/JPY?

Please provide a screenshot of this.

On a USD/JPY 100,000 contract, one pip is equal to JPY 1000 because USD/JPY is quoted with only two decimals (meaning 1 pip = JPY 0.01).

The exchange rate for 1000JPY to USD will rarely be a whole number, rougly 8.1 i think.