Pipcrawler's Favorite Trading Books updated

Well why is there nothing on the “worse forex books” ever? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fooled by Randomness. by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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I was recomended a movie, but have not got my hands on it yet:
The Casino � Martin Scorcesse

Van Tharp’s "Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom is on my to read list.
Trading in the zone by mark douglas is in the post, i ordered it from amazon about 2 weeks ago so should be here soon :slight_smile:

The 4-hour working week by timothy ferris is a really good read but only applicable once you are really successful and have strategies to mean you only need to work 4 hours a week. I.e. trading off dailies or weeklies candles.

Other interesting books are:
Winning ways by richard thaler (anomolies), and think and grow rich by napolean hill (psychology/philosophy). I read this one twice in 2 years :slight_smile:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

‘High probability Trading’ by Marcel Link is another very good read. Enjoyed it and did help my trading psychology. Have been making pips and keeping pips since then.

Well I am taking your word on this and I just ordered it. Anyone else got this?

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Among the many things my broker told me to do during my demo was to read the “Currency Market for Dummies”. I found it very helpfull and staright forward. He also advise me to visit Baby Pips. :wink:

The FX Bootcamp Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading (Wiley Trading) by Wayne McDonell

I read this book before discovering babypips and I’m glad I did. I’m now going through the school, and so much more of it makes sense the first time round. The book is deep enough to deserve another read (after I finish school of course). There are a few shameless plugs for his online private forum (which is something crazy like a couple hundred USD per month). Other than that though, it is doesn’t waste much time with many analogies and jumps straight in to ultra-conservative trading methods.

I did a demo about a year ago and managed to wipe most of my fun money in a couple weeks. Now with a bit of reading/study I’m hitting about 75% positive on my trades :smiley:

I recommend the book Trading Currency Cross Rates (Wiley Traders Advantage) written by G Klopfenstein and J Stein. It is be very easy to understand, assuming you already know basics on forex trading,. It has some interesting points of view…

Hi, Rahiman

Here’s a fun t.v. series on trading and traders: Hulu - Wall Street Warriors

Altogether, there are 16 episodes in this series. If you want to start at the beginning, click “Season 1” for the first 6 episodes.

This is just entertainment — it won’t improve your trading. It’s in the same category as the Michael Douglas movie “Wall Street”, except that the t.v. series is about real people.


“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed cuts through, clarifies, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.”

Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) in “Wall Street”

International Money and Foreign Exchange Markets

that is a very good book!!!:D:D:D

Thanks Pipcrawler! Now I have my reading list compiled for the next few months!

yes,the book is very good for trading purpose information.


Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb

*  Discusses the importance of finding an optimal fit between your trading talents and interests; the markets you trade; and the ways you trade those markets
* Explores how you can enter into a learning process that will cultivate your tradingcompetence and expertise
* Introduces the concept of learning loops, which enable you to make progressive improvements in your trading methods
* Breaks down performance into three components�mechanics, tactics, and strategy�and examines the role of each in generating trading success
* Illustrates how you can coach yourself with practical cognitive and behavioral techniques that rapidly change problem patterns and build new, positive ways of thinking and behaving

Doesn’t everyone do this naturally? I mean does it really need to be explained. I’m not 100% sure about getting this book, seems Millionaire Traders would be more enjoyable. Hmm

Another book from J. Murphy (Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets) which i would recommend for anyone new to technical analysis. It provides most of the basic essential information on charting.

I really appreciate the list of books you guys have recommended but what I want is the best book for those that want to enter FOREX - im one of those. So, which book and which FOREX platform (sute) do you recommend for a beginner like me.

Thank you

No one book will do it. Attacking your new interest with conviction WILL however. Depending on your learning style, whether rote, auditory, visual, etc… you need to approach it accordingly. You have a huge amount of vernacular & data digestion ahead of you.

As for a platform, for the most part, they’re all the same. Some simple, some comprehensive… I suggest learning as many demo platforms as you can. Start with one, & then after 30 days, open another. Use them in tandem & figure out your pro’s & con’s for each. Use this to move on to the next.

If it’s fun for you, and most around you think you’re out of your mind you know you’re in the right place!

It’s how it’s unfolded for me, and I had the same questions as you a year ago. Hope that helps!

I would strongly recommend reading Mark Douglas - “The Disciplined Trader” and “Trading In The Zone”

[U]Trading in the Zone[/U], Mark Douglas - about developing a [I]consistently[/I] successful trading psychology, a must for any trader in any market IMHO
[U]The Disciplined Trader[/U], Mark Douglas - an earlier book with many of the same ideas
[U]Day Trading the Currency Market[/U], Kathy Lien - great introduction to technical and fundamental analysis, and my gateway book to other great sources of knowledge
[U]Dumb Money: Adventures of a Day Trader[/U], Joey Anuff - great for pure situational entertainment (in a we’ve all been there kind-of-way)

I’m pretty sure most newbies DON’T take the time to break a skill down to different components. How many of us were part of something like sports or music where we learned the fundamentals and slowly advancing our abilities towards and overall skill?

For a lot of newbies I think it really does need to be explained…this book helped me out a lot!