Pipcrawler's Thoughts on Setting Newbie Expectations

Hello everyone I just started forex but I got a big question so I am in an offshore broker that is not regulated "Traders way’ But im a US citizen, could this get me in trouble in the future currently been trading with them for 2 weeks now but I don’t know if this could bring me problems in the future when reporting taxes also since im in college receiving financial aid

I totally agree with all you said here.

Absolutely impressive message regarding the business of FX.
i HAVE A QUESTION WHICH I NEED HELP FROM FOLKS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. In my rersearch I have come across this program of account management in trading binary. How authentic it is out there since there are a lot of scammers in the digital world?
As a novice trader with small accounts it’s really painful losing cash often times despite doing practice using demo accounts for couple of times.