Pips for my Take Profit

Hello everyone, I am a beginner trader and Im trying to figure out how many pips my take profit should be on a Breakout strategy on 4H chart? I keep using 100 but not sure if thats to much or not. Thank you :pray:t2:

If you download the ATR14 indicator (Average true range for the last 14 days) onto your chart, use the three figure number on the 4hr chart as a guide. For example, 500 points is 50 pips. (I think your 100 is points, not pips.)

Beware to avoid a new demand and supply, or support and resistance zone, once yourbreakout happens, though. On an upward trend T/P below and vice vera on a downward trend.

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Thank you I will check it out!

Depends how you’ve read the chart, surely there all different