Place S+R Lines On GBP/JPY charts

Hi everyone,
sry for my bad english, i’m italian…
I’m trying to follow the NickB method and i’m stuck at putting S+R lines in this chart…
Nick say that you have to look at the past five years and your lines should be good even in the past… that’s impossible!! Just because the price one year ago is too far from the actual level.
I’m trying to put this lines in the 4 hours chart.
Can anyone post an example here?
Thanks so much.

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That’s the reason Nick stopped trading S+R lines around Oct of last year and only recently started up again. Prices on GBP/JPY have been at a 15 year low!

Just do the best you can with the data you have available. Because of the fact that other traders are forced to do the same means that recent S+R lines will still work with the NickB method. The lines only work because lots of people use them, and they are having the same problem you are, so you’ll be fine! :slight_smile:

i’ve heard of you in some other posts!
And thanks to you i know the NickB method!
because of this strange dejavu of the price of GBP\JPY, you think the NickB method itself is still good?
And, can you (or anyone) post an example of S+R lines on the chart?
I post mine but i don’t think are good…
BLUE= support RED=resistance
Imageshack - eur1pi5.gif
sry the image don’t work this is the link

Just two words fro the method itself…
i felt, looking at the chart of the cross now, that you have a few trading opportunity, with the S+R and with the scalp lines.
You have to whait the price to hit your line and usually this lines are too far from the actual price.
Maybe i’m wrong but i need some advice…

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