Planning my Forex learning journey

Hi guys,

Just a quick question about what i should learn

Currently I’m doing the baby pips free course, (I’m about 140 lessons in) I’m writing and noting everything important down and memorising it, also referring back to it time and time again while trading. I absolutely love it, it has all the information and answers I’ve been looking for.

What my question is that once I complete my baby pips course, where do I go from there? What do I need to learn to take the next big step in my trading journey?

Currently I’m using a demo account and have a trading strategy that relies on a few different indicators, but I know that indicators alone cannot propel me to become a successful trader.

Thanks for reading I look forward to your advice and answers!

welcome to the forum! :sunglasses:

different members will have different answers! mine is in this post


after the course ,here’s are things we usually do
1.try out every indicator we found on internet
2.keep on study investing books and fascinated by those internet big trader,and try to replicate

the purpose behind all these:
-having a personal perspective on forex ,and get to know what kind of trader you really are,eg knowing youe greed and fear point of trading .

after all these done ,we can go futher

You can try different indicators once you are done with this! And you are welcome to this forum.

Are you sure? Have you started turning a profit in your demo account?

Welcome and congratulations on your course learning perseverance to date. However, bear in mind that there are no short cuts to consistent success, if at all.

Which means your first aim should be to learn how NOT to blow your account. Risk management is key. Demo accounts are very useful while practising and experimenting. Second aim is to develop a profitable strategy and strict process.

Third aim is to buy Peter Castle book - The Zen Trader which should develop the right mindset when emotional challenged by the FX market.

best of luck.