Platform Presence

Could someone tell me what it takes to get platform presence.


What is a platform presence??

Well I know that you need to be with someone or somewher that has a bank presence on the market because for an individual you would need millions to have the presence on the trading floor.

Google it.

From what I found it’s something to do with communication & information and the hardware/software to handle/manage it.

In forex maybe it’s the technology/setup that enables you to get alerts from your home computer or feeds from your broker to your cel phone anywhere you are so you can monitor/place your trades, get the news etc.

Is this what they’re calling it now?..“Platform Presence”? :rolleyes:

Gotta keep up with the “lingo” :smiley:

Actually what you said has nothing to do with platform presence. How it was explained to me was the presence on the trading floor with the interbanks. I was hoping to get some clarification. I understand to have a presence on the trading floor for the forex you need 10 million.

Ok, Google failed…nothing like that came back in search…suppose it’s a term that can mean different things in different environments.

Yeap, I can find nothing through my searches.

I think you need to find a forum for professional brokers, not for people who are just trading forex.