Platform recommendations for work

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has any good platform recommendations that will work (with charts) through a work firewall, I played with MG forex, but I dont like the platform (i hate their FIFO method), and have been getting Dealbook Web to work minus the charts…but i do like the platform. Can anyone recommend a good platform, or a good charting package (free) that would probably work through my firewall?? Thanks for any help in advance…

If anyone else had this same question, I have found Dealbook Web to work great, i couldnt get the charts to work before because i needed a plugin, but everything works out fine now. It is pretty bare bones system and at this time only offers a few technical indicators for the web platform, but i talked to their customer service dept and they have plans on adding some more technical indicators to it in the near future.


I am still a beginner but I tried too many platforms the best in my opinion is the best in my opinion is GTS (Global Trading System) provided by also download accucharts for advanced technical analysis its has 150 indicators

good luck and oanda are two others.
Good trading!

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