Please, help with Charts

I’m very very very new to Forex trading…I’ve gone through the Babypips School once, I’m going through the second time…will probably go though it as often as I need to. The point is for me to learn right?:smiley: Anyway, I’m trying to develop a trading strategy and I need to find good charts to back-test with. Could anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

P.S. I hope they’re free.

Download metatrader 4, I used North Finance, then back
test away to your hearts content. :slight_smile:

If you decide to use MT4 than you should turn off the “Chart Autoscroll” by clicking on a chart and choosing properties. Then you can go to the beginning of your data and press F12 to move forward & Shift + F12 to move backward one (candle, bar, line) at a time.


Thanks Guys.

You might want to try out Ninjatrader too. It’s free for backtesting strategies.

I love NT and hate it with equal measures. MT4 is loads more flexible, but it’s far easier to create strategies in NT without needing any programming knowledge.