Please Help

Hello, please help me, I created new thread for my broker (TradeWiseFX) on the official section, but it was deleted, so can anyone please tell me what’s wrong with my thread that it was deleted? Now I am trying to click on my profile and it says - This user has not registered and therefore does not have a profile to view.

Please help me what’s going on??

Can any Mod or anyone update me with my situation? It is really confusing for me as i am trying to contact Mod but there is just no response, so please someone tell me what can i do?

*Perhaps because you are trying to create a commercial thread without consulting them? It would be freeriding for TradeWiseFX.

  • Perhaps because you call yourself an official but you are not verified and traders might give you accountdetails to you that you use to enter their trade accounts.

Firstly thanks for the reply mate, actually the thread was in TradeWiseFX Broker Aid section, it was about the latest offering we have, so don’t know much about commercial part in that given it was in official section for our company. Yeah I believe what you said is very true, but even been verified, I don’t think anyone should ever present their accounts details especially password. As per verified thing is concern, do you have any idea how to do that? as I am more than interested in doing it and obviously getting verified is highest priority for me.

Maybe its just me, but one minute you say Tradewise is your broker and the next you refer to them as “we” and “our company”.

Dear, I am not doing press conference that you got to jump onto every word. I don’t see anything wrong with the wording. I represent TradeWiseFX across the forums and that’s it. Anyway focus on helping me out (if you can) instead of asking irrelevant questions. Thanks.

Dont accuse me of asking irrelevant questions, you asked why your posts had been deleted. I don’t know what they said but if they came across as commercial, even if masquerading as something else, then that may be why.
Perhaps you should take more care in how you phrase your posts in future if you want to come across as genuine

Honestly I fail to understand the logic here, really. Anyway I don’t want to say anything at all, so if you consider anything said by me hurt you then sorry for that… I just wish someone with authority replies and so far it is pretty surprising that Baby Pips been so much popular and great forum is lacking in decent support.

Have you tried the “contact us” link at the bottom of the screen to ask them?

Yup did this even before starting the thread, i got response that thanks for contacting us, we will look into it and since then no reply.

I’m glad to see that this little snafu has been resolved.

[B]TradeWiseFX[/B] has been restored to the [I]Broker Aid Station,[/I] and the previously deleted posts are back.

Also, TradeWiseFX is currently being added to The Offshore Broker List as a vetted offshore broker which accepts U.S. clients.