Pls is avatrade a good forex broker

Pls is avatrade a good broker, a friend recommended it to me.

I am not sure; since I never taken their service! But I have seen, so many negative reviews on this broker; so, be careful.

ask your friend about their live performance instead of us. your friend already used this company ?

Thanks very much.

My aim is to get more opinions on it before deciding my next line of action. Thanks anyway

Try to complete your trading education at first. Only adequate trading understanding can help you to take the benefits of this over the counter market of forex. And Babypips can help each trader to get the basic ideas first and you must try to choose broker that has good reviews on forum.

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Forex peace army is a good place to look at broker reviews…

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Of course, till now this is the number one review site! In addition, it’s an active review site by many Forex traders.

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always appreciate this review site , honestly speaking

Thanks very much, I appreciate.

You are always welcome! But I liked your approach, I mean asking in this forum.

Their Israeli branch just got fined with 576 000 Israeli Shekels or just about 153 000 USD for not complying with local regulations. The fine was imposed by the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA), which said the broker has violated the regulations twice.

Whether other branches have issues like this is unknown.

There are many good brokers, but it depends on the match between the trader and the broker, just like the best of friends.
Take a look at a little rough review here In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade