Pointer DMI GFT X Metatrader

Hello Babyforex! it would like an aid for solution of a problem… I am trying to find a pointer (DMI) for the platform of the Metatrader, that works equal to the one of the GFT (to include strategy). I obtained some archives in f�rum, however with well different configurations… it will be that somebody could make the gentility of being able to help me to modify the configuration of the archive to work of equal form to the one of the GFT? it follows the code source used for this platform…

I am sending attached, the archives that I found in the NET with which would like to work in metatrader, or either, pointer of arrows…

strategy sample_dmi;
input period = 14;
lst = 1, pdi(series), mdi(series);
pdi := directional_movement.line_plus;
mdi := directional_movement.line_minus;
lst := back(pdi);
if lst < front(pdi) + 1 then return;
if pdi[lst] > mdi[lst] then buy();
if pdi[lst] < mdi[lst] then sell();

I am also annexing two images, being one in platform GFT and another Metatrader, and observe that exactly both working with the same cycle, give different signals very…

I will be grateful if somebody will be able to help me…