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and the answer was in the content of my post, trust me it really is if you can comprehend :v:

please explain? did you watch the video?, it’s not about any tax

Australian government have sold out their people

No it’s not. Point out to me in that post where it explains if you are feeling that you are TALKING TO YOURSELF!!

I’ll even add the post in for you as I know you confuse easily.


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Eagles and other birds of prey choose to fly solo, they avoid being scrammed with smaller birds that draw unwanted attention and disturb their flight patterns. They have a habit of hunting and surviving on their own, truly the complete predators.

in other words i don’t need pigeons/ weak minded people when i’m talking, when i was talking to eagles/ strong men.in the first place.

you thought me posting that and nobody answering / ignoring me would have me thinking i was talking to myself when i wasn’t talking to pigeons

yes they have an agenda and i agree with you on it look like a war on white men and i can understand the push back from white males :v:

The day you realize that 95% of the world are followers and their behavior can be dictated is the day you step out of your mystery .and eyes will start to see who control the system and how the world operates a prime of example of that system in modern day is social media and forums. unfortunately a few men found this out early in the 1900’s

mystery something not understood or beyond understanding

Complaining is not an option, you can do all the uprising and killings all you want, the system was put in place in the 1900’s and is now operating at full capacity and can’t be stop

Oh so you are an eagle. A bird of prey. A hunter. A killer. A majestic creature. Highly intelligent, sharp, ruthless, someone not to be messed with.

Oh yes I can see that. I am overwhelmed with awe and reverent by the wisdom bestowed upon us tiny minions.



WTF are you talking about, damn you still can’t comprehend . enjoy your day blackbird :v:


They love you in this thread Russia

Russia is testing a nuclear torpedo in the Arctic that has the power to trigger radioactive tsunamis off the US coast

  • Russia is testing a nuclear torpedo in the Arctic.

  • The “doomsday” device has the power to trigger radioactive tsunamis off America’s East Coast.

  • The Pentagon said it was watching developments “very closely.”

then why parrot their propaganda, don’t you see these anti- Russia stories you cut and paste are instruments of their propaganda to condition Americans ( and you) to hate Russia

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Oh dear such language. I’m a good catholic girl. We do not like such vulgarity.


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Oh my goodness. You ooze intelligence. You should be a filosipher


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:rofl: :rofl thanks for the comedy. :v:

i don’t hate Russia, the story is something to know about on how russia is plaining on attacking if there was a war, just like we both have nuclear weapons facing each other country ready to go

i really don’t see this hate for Russia you talk about

UK Govt completed a long awaited defence review 3 weeks back.

They are making quite a number of changes to their military. The review mentions authoritarian countries who seek to ‘export their domestic models, undermine open societies and economies, and shape global governance in line with their values’

The Govt says that Russia is ‘the most acute direct threat’ to the UK.

The use of a WMD - (Novichok).

I suppose in the mind of some the UK Govt can be described as hating Russia - although the review marks the UK’s respect for Russian people and culture, the declared ‘hate’ is directed towards current Russian Govt policy.


BTW dennis if you called this propaganda to get Americans to hate Russia what would you call all the bad things you post about Biden, is that to get Americans to love Biden, :open_mouth:

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Propaganda is a mixture of lies and truth to influence opinion with an agenda, CIA has done this for decades overseas and recently ( during Obama) turned its propaganda machine on Americans


biden is a puppet of the deep state and should be opposed with TRUTH, no need to employ CIA propaganda tactics

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UK like the US is looking for a boogie man to blame and Russia is an easy target, the real threat to UK and the US is Social Media, Censorship, Cancel Culture and Identity politics, these things are rotting our two countries from with in. I think both China and Russia know this and can you blame them if they might nudge this process along