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btw do anybody know if woke culture is a organizations that promote these ideologies or are we speculations that’s what they stand for?

It would be laughable if it wasn’t such a deliberate and insidious movement designed to control the language and designate any alternate viewpoint as ‘hate speech’. Unfortunately there are far too many simple-minded, gullible morons who fall for the whole ‘woke’ agenda ‘hook line and sinker’.

All rational people discriminate, you can’t make a decision without discrimination. Imagine trying to trade without it.

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What is Rational thinking?

Rational thinking can be defined as a thinking process which is based on reason and logic . A person who thinks rationally would pay attention to the factual basis. He would analyze the possible outcomes of the situation and his response before acting. Even in the face of a difficult situation, a person who thinks rationally can look beyond the emotions that he feels at that particular moment and act wisely. He would not become a slave of his emotions. When engaging in rational thinking, the individual uses all the information available to him. This can be his past experiences, what he has heard, and whatever information available. This allows him to choose the best option available.

What is Irrational thinking?

Irrational thinking is quite different from rational thinking. It can be defined as a thinking process where the individual completely disregards reason and logic in favor of emotion . Such a person would be overwhelmed by the emotional tension of the situation that they will make the decision based on this. It will not allow the individual to pay attention to facts and logic. Some believe that irrational thinking involves availability bias. This denotes that individuals focus only on recent and similar situations and use that knowledge for handling the situation. He would not analyze the possible outcomes of each decision but would be ruled over by the emotion.

Irrational thinking can distort reality and work as a barrier between the individual and his success. It would make the individual come up with decisions which have no logical basis and are only detrimental.

now that is laughable, come on now

Dude, unless you’re picking your trades with a coin toss, you are exercising discrimination whether you like it or not.

discriminate |dɪˈskrɪmɪneɪt|
verb [ no obj. ]
1 recognize a distinction; differentiate: babies can discriminate between different facial expressions.
• [ with obj. ] perceive or constitute the difference in or between: features that discriminate this species from other gastropods.

early 17th cent.: from Latin discriminat- ‘distinguished between’, from the verb discriminare, from discrimen ‘distinction’, from the verb discernere (see discern) .

really, ok i see my way out :rofl:

Did you know?

Although many methods or motives for discriminating are unfair and undesirable (or even illegal), the verb itself has a neutral history. English speakers borrowed it from the past participle of the Latin verb discriminare, itself from the verb discernere, meaning “to distinguish between.” “Discernere,” in turn, was formed by combining the prefix dis- and cernere (“to sift”). Other descendants of “discernere” include “discern” and “discernible” (as you no doubt guessed), “discreet,” and “indiscretion.” In addition, the root “cernere” gives us “concern,” “certain,” “decree,” and even

Examples of discriminate in a Sentence

The school is not allowed to discriminate .

the human eye can discriminate between very slight gradations of color

“I was sick of the Woke agenda”

“GB News - following on behind Sky News.au and Fox News - but we are growing !”


we have :

woke agenda

right wing agenda

conservative agenda

liberal agenda

everybody has agenda and there will always be people complaining about them it’s a never ending circle

Compared to the 1960’s , 90% of racism, discrimination and injustice has been eliminated, so why is this movement needed now, and who is driving it


This is their true agenda, the other part is just a smokescreen


Right-wing / Conservative agenda is to preserve one’s way of life. motto; live and let live

Woke/liberal agenda is to force their way of life on everyone else. motto; It is our way or the highway

Hi Student05

be careful engaging this guy , he will drag you down his rabbit whole

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Andrew Neil leads the fightback against neo Marxist defunding conspiracy attacks. !

Personally I would like to see Ben Shapiro interviewed again by Mr Neil after their previous engagement.


:grinning: I was looking for common ground but the woke-agenda beat me to it. Where I’m from ‘discrimination’ still means choice. My brother is a wine snob and has a very discriminating palate. I will have to let him know he is now a bigot and check his privileged taste buds before he gets cancelled.

Personally I blame declining education standards caused by the hijacking of the education system by left wing liberals. Some of the malarkey being peddled in schools is terrifying.


So does he find an advantage in using wine rather than water to blend the colours ? - I hadn’t heard of such a distinction before :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’m not the one complaining, i just wanna know what are you guys gonna do about these massive changes that have effected your life?

EDIT: Well i guess you can say posting / complaining here will spark change, wish you guys luck

there is no rabbit whole either you got boots on the ground sparking change like all the other agenda base group do or you don’t

according to Falstaff 1,000’s of white English girls are being rape and sex traffic, so because the statistics say 90% of white English girls are not being rape and sex traffic should Falstaff not be aware and just ignore the 10% that are being rape in his country

INteresting that you call yourself “Student” - yet seem to be able to see through the indoctrination :sunglasses:

So I wonder what subject(s) you are majoring in ?

You will see that we are periodically invaded by some whose ability to actually understand the English Language is low - This one clearly has English as a second language and therefore cannot understand the nuances we take for granted - yet they still use the (Modified version) of Engish as you correctly identified earlier.to obfuscate issues and frustrate communication using postmodernist “reasoning” - to wit - this salad of random misquoted words making no sense and seeking to destroy conversation.


so i guess you wasn’t on here crying about white English girls being rape, ok buddy at the end of the day that’s your concern

now that we are on a topic that excite you more and fits your agenda you no longer care about those poor white girls being rape, you only use that topic to garner up emotions from your get along gang and never cared about those poor girls

I used to work in advertising so understanding language, propaganda and media manipulation has always been near and dear to me.

The current trend by the would-be global oligarchs of creating division through identity politics is of particular interest and you can see who’s driving that particular bus by his copious donations to these groups globally. If you know who destroyed the tiger economies then you know who I’m talking about.

It’s no coincidence that the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement (which was an actual threat to these people) has been supplanted by a rainbow of superficially different movements like, BLM, numerous LGB-XYZ groups (worldwide), illegal immigration groups (worldwide), color movements in Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, the Middle East etc. All fully verifiable through public record. The one obvious thing they all have in common is undermining national identity and cohesive and stable cultures. The end goal is equally obvious, a border-less world for a global elite and serfdom for everyone else.