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I understand. Part of me wants to stay and fight for this thing… part of me wants to move to New Zealand. :slight_smile:

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when you say fight, do you mean that you want to fight on the dem or repub side?

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On the side of democracy, and any who stand for it, but please, don’t let me brick-up your evening.

do you believe that we live in a system that is majority controlled?

yeah… sure…

let me guess… you are perhaps entirely unaware that we are going to live under islamic rule soon, in fact now?

My conspiracy theory bingo card for tonight did not have “Imminent Islamic Rule” on it. Are you being serious?

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yeah, well you obviously dont know about this…

i prayed with some very serious sects of islam for a minute.

and this is the beginnings of your new government:


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You are way more worried about this than I am. There’s no shortage of religious whackadoodles across the board who believe their faith will be be basis for a future theocracy. Hell, I got a hand-written letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago from some complete stranger lady in my city telling me to how to get on-board with the upcoming Christian theocracy that will supposedly rule us all. Just my opinion, out of all the ways this ■■■■ show is going to burn to the ground, Islamic theocracy is not where I’m placing my bets.

Regardless, what I most want to know is which one of these buy/sell stops is gonna pop… lol :smiley:

Yet you continually call me “right-wing”

What policy, I am not reading that in any of your posts

You keep wanting to circle back to this event, If you want to know my thoughts on the subject go read them from last January, I was the first here to start the conversation about that event.

Again the conversation between Paul and myself was about our corrupt congress taking bribes from lobbyists and special interests, I have yet to see you post one word on that subject


I am sure CIA backed HBO will give us a fair an honest account of events, This is pure Propaganda aimed at pumping more hate into a kool-aid drinking public which you seem happy to be a part of. This is right out of the novel 1984 and the “Two minutes of hate” I refuse to participate, my goal here( maybe a bit naive) is to find some common ground and unite us against the true enemy of the people The US Congress.

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So who is this “Right-Wingers” favorit YouTube political commentator,

Russell Brand is a breath of fresh air from the polarizing views we are normally fed from the left



The role of the media in today’s political sphere is very important. Perhaps more important than most people even realize. A free and independent media serves as a check on the government. If the government controlled the media, it could surely escape all accountability for any actions and would threaten the very principles of the free and democratic system we employ. However, as of late the media has not served its intended purpose, as an unbiased and impartial source of information. Instead, media have become partial, one way or another, on the political spectrum and therefore skew the way the information they present is perceived. For example, FOX news, one of the most popular news stations, is generally thought of to be politically biased towards the Republican party, or at the very least presents a bias towards Conservative views. In turn, another hugely popular station, CNN is generally perceived to favor the Democratic party and the Liberal side of the political spectrum. This bias is not the end of the world, as long as people are aware of it. However, what it can do is continue to fuel the political polarization our country experiences. As people begin to understand the biases that each network presents, they can converge on the network that supports their own viewpoints. Therefore, they only experience media and viewpoints that confirm their preconceptions, never fully hearing a legitimate counterargument that would lead them to question or reconsider their political stances. This can contribute not only to political polarization, but also to the gridlock we have seen in decision making, as people are less likely to budge on their stances and more likely to simply seek out more like minded people to join their cause.



However, with these big media corporations comes cause for concern. If you have two or three major media empires commanding most of what the general population sees and hears, you can hold significant power in swaying voters in the political sphere. A few people hold the power to sway public opinion, simply by showing a few emotionally charged images, or brining on a speaker to persuade the public against a certain piece of legislation. This aspect of big media does go against the role that media plays in a democracy and is a major threat to a fairly functioning democratic system.

Furthermore, the influence of media does not stop at political persuasion. In fact, it is even more broadly encompassing than that. This can be seen, perhaps most clearly, in the most recent election. Donald Trump used the influence that media can have on the public to fuel his eventually successful political campaign. He practically employed a strategy of “any publicity is good publicity”. Due to his scathing and often inappropriate remarks at the beginning of the Presidential race, he got more air time than any other candidate. This is what fueled his legitimacy as a candidate. It got to the point where one could not think of the Presidential race and its candidates without thinking of Donald Trump. By doing this Trump, once seen as a long shot to have any chance at winning the office, cemented himself solidly in the Presidential race based on mere media exposure alone. Trump himself bragged multiple times about how he was able to do this, stating that he spent no money on television advertising, and its true. The only pro-Trump ads that aired were at the hands of Super Pacs, who spent $8.2 on campaign ads. However this was dwarfed by the $37 million Super Pacs spent on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Additionally, Clinton’s campaign spent another $52 million on ads. Again, Trump’s campaign spent $0 yet they won the Presidency. This shows the power of the role media plays in politics.

Overall, the role the media plays a hugely important role in American politics today. Not only does it cover important stories pertaining to politics, but it often skews the stories in favor of one political ideology, influencing the general public into different opinions on certain issues.

However, the media possesses even more power than that. This was seen in the campaign of now President Donald Trump, which was practically fueled by the “free” media coverage he received. This is a powerful example of just how strong the influence of the media is, even if the American people are not quite aware of how powerful it really is.

They are free to do anything,

media empires commanding most of what the general population sees and hears, you can hold significant power in swaying people minds

Freedom of the press is a fundamental liberty guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution. As such, courts and legislative bodies have been hesitant to infringe upon the freedom of press. In fact, there are numerous state and federal statutes that seek to protect the freedom of the press, such as the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.

This freedom no longer exists in the US, the press is now controlled by billionaires and used to keep the politicians they approve of in office, for real news that is not pure propaganda you must go outside the US or to a few YouTubers who continue to bring us news outside the influence of the billionaires


Ironic you should mention 1984 in the same breath that you tell us to reject the actual video footage of events…

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

—George Orwell

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Now you are skirting on outright lies, when I have ever said reject any video footage.

I did call your beloved CIA backed HBO video “Propaganda” with one goal to promote hate and division among us, and in your case it sure seems to be working

Again I invite you to participate in Paul and my conversation on congressional corruption, a subject you seem to be avoiding,


The whole thing is video footage from the actual event, and interviews with people who were there… Have you even watched it, or are you speaking from a place of ignorance?

Are you under the impression that you get to tell other people what to talk about? Thanks for the multiple invites, but I’ll let you two have your conversation. I’m sure he’s meeting your needs.

coming from the man who demands ( not invite) me to respond to what you want to talk about, this is getting comical. You are the one who started this pointless exchange, so let us ended it now, if it makes you feel more like a man I will even give you the last word and not respond to it

Have a nice day

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Don’t get weird on me, Dennis. Not sure why you’re dragging masculinity into it, but zip that back up. Believe it or not, I scroll through this thread every now and then to remember what ad hominem and projection look like, see what folks are spinning, etc. I nearly always move on and mind my own business. This time I happened to read something so outlandish, that I figured I’d take a moment and ask you if that’s how you really think. Unsurprisingly, this entire exchange has devolved from that, with you not only being unwilling to discuss your own words, but somehow pretending the mere question was some unacceptable demand.

How could someone possibly have a productive discussion in such an environment? With that, I will leave you and this thread until some later time when something else catches my notice, and you may have the last word.

Happy Holidays to all of you! See you in 2022!

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