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“Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them”
Obi-Wan Kenobi

I hear you Dennis :+1:

Dennis, There are FBI informants present at KKK rallies, Black Panther rallies, BLM protests and everything in-between because they are law enforcement. That’s what they do; now if they incite violence, it’s another story.

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Dennis, were weapons present at the so called rally?

Was the capital under siege?

Did the participants of the rally hurt any officers?

A Capitol riot defendant stormed out of a hearing after the judge ordered him back behind bars

Watched it. Where do I start?

This video you shared is media. Greenwald, like CNN and MSNBC, and Fox and OAN, IS THE MEDIA.

He is also part of the “reporting facts” problem. Because like most of the companies listed above, he likes to report based on opinion. Intermix just enough truth in there to sound credible but then ask even more questions, evidenced and supported by opinion. The new thing, exhibited in this video, is a media outlet reacting to how other media outlets are reacting. How is that news? CNN and MSNBC do this crap too.

In the video you shared, Greenwald literally spends more time talking about Trump, Russiagate, 9/11, and Mueller to lay down his argument foundations than he does Jan1. That’s super old news, he’s doing it, but NYT doing it with actual live footage is propaganda?

Interestingly enough, in the Greenwald video, he specifically references the NYT or Washington Post in their investigative reporting on the MN governor kidnapping plan. The MSN can’t be trusted when discussing Trump or insurrection or Jan 1, but when they dump on the FBI or any left leaning institution, they’re no longer deep state media. Very hypocritical of him saying that literally as he dumps on left corporate media in the same segment.

Another moment in the video that hasn’t aged well regarding the lack of “real” indictments or prosecution related to insurrection or sedition - Oath keepers charged.


It’s also ironic and really funny that Greenwald mentions left leaning corporate media, in an attempt to prop up ratings, these media companies only need a rile up a small minority of true believers to “get really invested” in the narrative. Sounds a bit like the insurrection, no, where only 900 trump supporters, a small minority of all protestors there, came to take back what’s rightfully there’s, which Greenwald goes on to downplay, “because they didn’t kill anybody”, only the Capitol Police killed somebody. “Nobody came in with weapons”.

I tried Dennis. I just can’t understand how he sees what happened as something so ordinary.

Next discussion will be about these forged election certificates.

Why can’t they share information about confidential informants in a public setting, potentially giving away methods and sources? Hmmm.

This isn’t new.

Russell Brand nails it again

Yes, including crutches and one firecracker, this is from your post


Wikipedia defines a Siege as

A siege is a military blockade of a city, or fortress, with the intent of conquering by attrition, or a well-prepared assault.

The video I just posted from Russell Brand says 1 officer died of a heart attack days later, and 4 protesters were killed, I knew of the heart attack but this is the first I heard 4 protesters dying, I thought it was only the one unarmed lady shot down by capital police.

There is so much miss-information surrounding this event it is hard to know what is real

Please watch Russell Brand, he addressing some of these questions

Hmmm… my a/c has been hacked!! :slight_smile:
Seriously just wondering which posts.

Edit: not really into US politics but is that Cruz guy you link to the same guy that called the selfies a “terrorist attack” - or is that just sloppy news?

then we are no better off then the people of China under the CCP or the Russian people under the old Soviet Union.

We the People of the United States of America have every right to know the FBI’s role in Jan 6

Every store in every mall in America has better security than the US Capital building


Not sure what you are talking about, but Ted Cruz is anti-establishment, which puts him on the side of the people and at odds with everyone in the democrat party and even many in the Republican party. Which makes him okay by me

so nobody had guns and knives, stop it dennis

If someone or something is under siege, they are being severely criticized or put under a great deal of pressure.

NEW EVIDENCE: Trump Rioters Brought Guns to the Capitol

WASHINGTON — On Jan. 16, FBI agents executed a search warrant at the Wylie, Texas, home of alleged Capitol rioter Guy Reffitt. In his bedroom, agents found a holster with a Smith & Wesson semiautomatic handgun that they suspected he’d brought to Washington.

Reffitt wasn’t immediately charged with weapons offenses, but prosecutors argued to keep him in jail on the grounds that he’d traveled with the pistol and an AR-15 rifle “to

The US attorney’s office in Washington has said that approximately 140 police officers were assaulted on Jan. 6, and the majority of defendants charged with weapon-related offenses are also accused of using those objects to attack police. Some are charged with using weapons to break windows, and others are charged simply with having weapons at the Capitol, a crime in itself.

Did I ever say that , no I did not

I answered your questions now you can answer just one of mine

How many protesters that had guns, fired their guns?

Did you watch Russell Brand


ok Dennis i will look at russell brand video

DC cops injured in Capitol riot share their stories

Treason Capitol Police officer charged in Jan. 6 attack

140 that is a big number, How many needed medical attention, how many were hospitalized, I bet you will have a hard time getting that information out of Washington

On the flip side, how many protesters where injured by police officers, we know 4 protesters died

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Here’s a question for you Dennis: Where was this anger when trump won the election when he did not receive the majority of votes, and won nonetheless, so now that he lost there must be fraud, right?

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