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I get that, but most of that is indirectly and maybe that’s a good thing.

How Many Americans Own Stock? About 145 Million – But the Wealthiest 10% Own More Than 80%

Over half of Americans own stock, but it’s not distributed equally.

56% of American adults, or about 145 million people, own stock. That percentage hasn’t moved much over the past decade, despite tremendous gains in the market and the recent meme stock craze.

Key findings

  • About 145 million Americans – 56% of American adults – own stock. Stock ownership hasn’t fully risen to levels seen prior to the 2008 recession.

The wealthiest 10% of Americans hold 89% of stocks, worth $35.87 trillion.

56% of American adults – about 145 million individuals – own stock

144.6 million Americans, or 56% of American adults, own stock, according to Gallup.

The wealthiest 10% of Americans hold 89% of stocks, worth $35.87 trillion.

Poverty in the USA: Being Poor in the World’s Richest Country | ENDEVR Documentary

Poverty in the USA: Being Poor in the World’s Richest Country | Business Documentary from 2019

Listen to the job title these people have

It always does.

Japan’s cpi is way lower than UK, EU or US right now - inflation has many causes, Govt actions are usually a reaction.

Education in economics is mostly down to experience, maybe in more recent times people are aware of how economics affect their lives - in UK right now recent political/economics are causing stress for mortgage holders - all younger people - and it bugs me big time.

Anyways sad to hear that your Pres is suffering from dementia, it’s a horrible disease.

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more like It always has, or until it does not

I am pretty confident that it will go up again, as you might know I am a trend trader and as long as the long term trend is up , I am long term bullish

Forget economics, Ukraine just hit Defcon 4… Putin has annexed a large part of Eastern Ukraine, proclaiming that any attack in an attempt to reclaim these regions will be deemed as a direct attack on Russian soil…

The US has just destroyed Russian Energy Infrastructure… The Ukrainian President has just signed an application for entry to NATO…

What could possibly go wrong??

EU’s Politicians are displaying stupidity and incompetence combined with a complete lack of leadership.

On the opposite side of the fence is a smart chess player who at least is dedicated to his country (whether we like him or not) and he is a strong leader who is not afraid of a street fight either.

I posted months ago that a weak US President is dangerous for Western Nations… Combine that with the cognitive decline of the American Commander in Chief and it’s a dangerous combination for peace…


Could this be the great downfall of two mighty mice at the same time, one in America and the other in Russia, both going through troubling times, or could it be the greatest comeback in world history?

To be continued.

When you have an invincible determination, you can accomplish almost anything, and this is the difference between a great man and a little one.

Game Changer.

The Lincoln Project Official Trailer | Documentary Series | SHOWTIME

How wild and baseless claims that Biden blew up the Nord Stream pipelines moved seamlessly between Tucker Carlson and the Kremlin

Tucker Carlson pushed a Russian conspiracy theory suggesting the US blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.

The claim was then recycled by Russian state TV, and other far-right influencers.

Kremlin and US far-right propaganda often mirror each other

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday seized on the news that that the Nord Stream pipelines, which were built to channel gas from Russia to Western Europe, appeared to have been sabotaged.

Let’s say that Russia believed this and immediately started firing nuclear weapons at the United States. How would you feel?

Will they fight for America or Russia?

In another sad event, 61-year-old NYC paramedic Allison Russo is attacked and stabbed to death. Taking guns out of the hands of bad people does not stop bad people from committing horrific murders. Getting guns off our streets does nothing if you leave the bad people on the street

Can we show some respect for this American hero and not give the animal responsible the fame it seeks, If you wish to comment please do not post pictures or the name of the murderer.

God bless Allison Russo


If you mean Putin then just how ‘smart’ or ‘strong’ has his recent decisions been.

‘Smart’ - invade a neighbouring country with the intention to remove it’s regime but yet not ascertain in advance whether that goal is achievable.

‘Strong’ - send in lightly armoured troops to the nearest airport to Kyiv and expect a positive result.

If the US destroyed ‘Russian energy infrastructure’ then why choose a line that’s dead and not likely to be ever used again (unless the Russian Federation joins AUKUS) - instead maybe, choose one that actually pipes gas like the Siberia Pipeline.

Remind me one thing - if ever I experience “cognitive decline” - send me to Dennis or TBW for diagnosis - medical experts in this field are not always easy to find :slight_smile:

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Perfect example

Former Detroit Police Chief Says There’s a Criminal Problem, Not a Gun Problem

Amid President Biden’s pursuit of sweeping gun-control legislation to curb mass shootings and gun violence, former Detroit police chief James Craig said he believes the real culprit is not guns, but criminals.

Human protein bars. Anyone used to read 2000AD? Remember munce?


Too many guns in America. I know guns don’t kill people, people do, but so much easier with a gun. I know in UK we have stabbings. However, back in the day, I worked in trauma surgery and I can honestly say I’d rather be stabbed than shot. Stab wounds cleaner, bullets tend to tumble or disintegrate when they get inside the body cavity causing way more damage. Clearly, I would also rather not be stabbed!!


lol Me too. Spear me the pain. let’s make this quick and fast.

your total post is a little confusing. shot or stab?

Easier to defend yourself with a gun, than a knife.


I would 100% rather be stabbed than shot - that’s a no-brainer.

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OK, but i prefer a bullet. I don’t want any nuts swinging at me with a knife unless i have a gun

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"No Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine", President Joe Biden says…

Enough said… From the senile guy in cognitive decline…

@peterma Displaying the usual illusion of knowledge… Even today’s Irish Media are asking the question…

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