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And here is what your link say. If you don’t get it, that’s ok

China Has Built 14 Overseas Coal Plants Since Vowing No New Ones

A year after President Xi Jinping promised China would stop building coal power plants overseas, the country has completed 14 such facilities beyond its borders and will finish another 27 soon, according to a new report.


what are you talking about, I concede i was wrong about bidden waging war on oil companies, we are talking about something totally different.

EDIT: Maybe you can learn how to admit when you are wrong like i have, so lets see. the floor is yours

After trendwithbenefits held me accountable for my post, here’s one final look of me admitting I was wrong

It’s a good thing to hold people accountable for what they post, whether it’s misinformation, disinformation, right-wing conspiracy theories and their lies, or lies in general.

Let’s see how things go moving forward

Nope - def not Americans.

These tanks (the leopards) are used widely in in Eastern Europe, specifically Poland who are next door neighbours - speak the language - training not a problem - Poland just needed the green light from Germany.

Likely the US Abrams will not see Ukraine - same as the US aircraft - these are seen as offensive whereas the leopards are construed as being defensive.

Fair chance that Russia will launch a renewed offensive next month - God will help those on the other end of that.

The whole reason for this war is simple - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - or the loss thereof.


Mostly Govts understand - in the UK we cap the wholesale rate - i.e underwrite the diff between that and the retail price - to ensure that consumers are not under pressure of course.

Shell profits more than double to record $40bn | Financial Times (ft.com)

Edit - BP will report their profit/loss next week - now imagine whether those numbers will be in red or black… - hard to perceive in these times of difficulties for consumers?


Belief and knowledge are not the same - I believe that you exist as person in Aus - yet I cannot say that I know that.

Knowledge is a result of experience - if I have encountered (met) you then I can say I believe you are.

I haven’t seen God - no images, recordings, scientific proof - but I have encountered Him.

That meeting is as real as our interaction on this media - well truth is it is more real - here I type on a keyboard (often having to hit the back arrow to cover mistype) with God no need, He hits the back key for me - i.e. he wafts away my mistakes.

Irrational? - yeah likely - but here is a piece of knowledge - as a person lives this life the chances of that meeting increase - and as traders we live a life of chance.


The troll does not use English as normal people do … To it the language is just words - to be used as weapons - no rationality is ever embedded in it’s diatribe !

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we have Clearly moved on from that, again stop being a wussy and man TF up

You cannot deal with me directly, so you have to piggyback off other people’s comments


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@peterma, Appreciate such a thoughtful and honest response… I couldn’t have put it better myself.


Colonel Douglas Macgregor (CV Below) provides a very sobering evaluation of the Ukrainian situation going into 2023. It’s a very pragmatic view of the failings of NATO and takes a subtle swipe at the Biden Administration’s incompetent approach to the conflict…

Douglas A. Macgregor, a U.S. Army colonel, served from November 1997 to December 1999 as the chief of strategic planning and director of the Joint Operations Centre, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe. In 1995 he developed the zone of separation that became part of the Dayton framework agreement. He is currently a research fellow in the Institute for National Strategic Studies National Défense University in Washington, D.C.

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This is playing out like Vietnam, or maybe Korea might be a better example. The US will spend billions on this war, kill tens of thousands, and in the end, will just walk away. That would be the best outcome at this point, my fear is this will escalate to a nuclear exchange

Unfortunately, the US has a government unlike any other, all policy is made to appease special interests or polls

God is good, all of the time

This can apply to everything this administration has touch over the last 2 years

Everyone “walks away” at the end of war - there is one exception - those that have suffered it’s horrors - they will not get to walk away.

Without the US intervention in the early 50’s South Korea, it’s people, would be governed as the people in NK are currently ruled.

Here we can hold our Govt’s to account, we can freely criticize, question, ridicule - this is good - in NK/Iran/China/Russia and it’s jail.

This is why God is good

And you had to go back 70 years to find a US intervention with a positive out come,

who here has followed Peter Zeihan, he seems to have a good grasp of what is happening in Ukraine and shares my fears that this could end with nukes

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They will also make billions. $10 billion in one specific case.

U.S. approves up to $10 bln sale of HIMARS rocket launchers, ammunition to Poland | Reuters.

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Interesting quote for Macgregor:

“The Russians feel betrayed. They know that we built the army in Ukraine, cultivated hatred against them in Ukraine, and pushed the Ukrainians to attack them. We need to stay out of this. It could lead to a confrontation with Russia.” — Col. Douglas Macgregor

Now that’s just plain silly.

Sounds like he enjoys his time on TV.

Also says NATO will collapse. Definitely a Putin/Russia fan. No thanks.

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@dudebro Annnd… Which bit of this comment isn’t true??

Who has trained Ukraine military? The U.S has already trained more than 3,100 Ukrainian troops on how to use and maintain certain weapons and other equipment, including howitzers, armoured vehicles and the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, known as HIMARS. Other nations are also conducting training on the weapons they provide…

Who is providing military assistance? The US is the largest provider of military assistance to Ukraine, having committed $27.4 billion since the start of the Biden administration (Proceeding the Conflict) $26.7 billion of that assistance has been provided since February 2022…

“In this time of uncertainty, we have a clear way forward. Help Ukraine defend itself. Support the Ukrainian people. Hold Russia accountable.”
Antony J. Blinken

“Ukraine’s trajectory toward its Euro-Atlantic future has been clear, and the Ukrainian people can be proud of their achievements. Throughout this period, the United States has stood with you.”
Antony J. Blinken

Say YOU! Fortunately, the Colonel has a much more informed view of NATO Operations as a whole and has given an educated, informed opinion on the Alliance going forward…

Just another opinion piece rant from @dudebro … Where no facts are given…

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Dude, where have you been, I hope things are going well

will the US make billions or will it be the US Military Industrial Complex making those billions, While the American people are left with a devalued currency?

The best we the people can do is own stock in energy and defense, neither sector is going away

Russia was doing Russia things - annexation of Crimea and funding fake “nationalists” in eastern Ukraine way before the US started training Ukrainian regular troops.

I’m thinking Russia attacking Ukraine, attacking it’s sovereign borders, is what got this started, don’t you?

Your buddy Macgregor is all for allowing Putin to take what he wants, because at some point in time in the history of the world Ukraine belonged to the Soviet Union.

With that thinking, it’d be okay for the Dutch or the British to come lay claim to Australia since you know… history.

Like I said, silly.

The spending in Ukraine is nothing compared to what the US currently spends on defense and what it would spend if Ukraine fell completely. There’s plenty of defense budget to go around. $750b in 2021, $745b in 2022 and something like $850 billion in 2023.

The next budget is being proposed at over $1T. Pushed mainly by the centrist GOP and recent budgets approved by BOTH parties.

I don’t agree with increased spending at this scale for defense, but the military industrial complex has plenty of funding to go around.

What you hear in the US media is politicians complaining that the southern border is being militarized like Ukraine’s army is being militarized. “Why should they get all the money?” If it were not the case, and we spent big money for an army at the southern border, the deficit and immigration hawks would not be complaining. They’d move on to the next social program to cut funding to.

Absolutely this sadly. And if and when the Ukraine crisis is over, the defense budget will rotate over even more heavily to protecting against China, the other boogie man.

We need to protect our economy, and the US military is just one apparatus the US uses to maintain it’s “interests” worldwide.

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So we are basically repeating history as the new Roman Empire, I would have hoped we could have evolved passed that.

Hyperinflation, homelessness, Income gap, declining middle class, unaffordable healthcare, Student loan debt, … is this the economy we are protecting, are we not really just protecting the status quo

Anyway, good to hear from you