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Trouble with those figures @Trendswithbenefits is that there is only testing for people presenting with severe symptoms - so We Know that as far as Uk is concerned at any rate the percentage is overstated. What we don’t know is by How Much they are overstated.

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Markaria ; sorry for your TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) But maybe you would like to post something about the country of origin of this virus and how that country killed the Doctor who discovered the virus in an attempt to cover it up.

Finally some useful Coronavirus information, enjoy

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oh my God , another case of TDS morphing into BDS, this is a true epidemic, I would recommend a quarantine but the rational people here will tell you it is just words, words can’t hurt you unless you allow them too.

momoisnyc, what is your thoughts on the demon democrats cheating Bernie Sanders twice, calling Major Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian Agent” and endorsing a man with advance dementia for President

I didn’t know that - But when you know that Chairman Mao murdered somewhere between 50 and 100 millon of his own people in the name of “Equality” and “Rising up against oppression” (Nearly twice as many as “Comrade Stalin” in the name of the same causes) - a few million deaths from kung flu is hardly anything to concern them is it ?

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Steve Brule - does some great analysis on men’s issues and the excesses of Identity Politics here - and also in conjunction with Janice Fiamengo

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In the middle of the greatest crisis any of us have ever faced, this is what CNN and Obama are concerned about. I guess they both lack the intellect to know everyone being on lockdown and not driving to work has reduced vehicle emissions by a 1000 times more than any vehicle emission standard would achieve

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One of teh few positives to come out of this may just be that we are all so skint that our Governments will finally admit they all know full well that the “Climate Change” derangement is just “Jobs for the boys” which we can no longer affors to pander to ! :rofl:

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So the Democraps not to let a crisis go to waste are going all-in on " Trump did not act fast enough" Yet the record shows Trump issue China Travel ban on February 1st just as the Senate was wasting everyone’s time with a fake impeachment trial, I am sure if you search hard enough you will find many in congress and media criticizing the travel ban

just 30 days prior the China Government was detaining doctors for reporting this virus

then on the other side, it would take the World Health Organization until March 11th to finally declare this a pandemic

It is easy to second guess someone after the fact, but I really don’t see how the President could have acted much sooner or doing more than he has. this is all just partisan politics at a time we really don’t need it

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Dennis, cut the TDS nonsense, my point is (regardless of where covid 19 came from), that if it hadn’t been for Trumps actions the US would have been better placed to protect its people and save lives.

The blokes a liability and a disgrace

And before Dumb and Dumber pipe up, I’m not and never will be a Democrat voter.

Trump Derangement Syndrome - presumably

There are a lot of people here in the uk who have that - And they have never voted Democrat either :wink:

How Rude ! - but tosspots usually are :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Something else you’re the expert on…or should that be “expert”?

So are you Saying President Trump should not have banned Travel from China way back on Februay 1st and are you also saying that the President should had followed the actions of Italy and Spain.

Would you also blame the President for the Governor of Louisiana allowing Madi Gra to continue on February 25th

I would not be asking these questions but you have given not one example of something the President did wrong, and judging someones actions from February based on what you now know here in April is hardly fair

Sorry but you do show classic TDS

No Dennis I’m not, in fact that is probably the one thing he got right.
What I’m alluding to is that he should never have disbanded the pandemic response team and should have heeded the intelligence agency reports. Also, by playing down the significance of the pandemic, saying it would be over in a short time, that he had it under control, etc, sent the wrong message to the public at a time when they should have been preparing for or taking small steps like washing their hands that would possibly help slow the spread down without having to impose restrictions on them such as lockdowns, at least not in the early days.
He has also tried a few times to politicise the subject, much as Corbyn has tried in the UK, which is an unnecessary and unhelpful distraction.

The blokes a liability and a disgrace.

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Interesting indictment - perhaps you’d like to explain and give some evidence to demonstrate the rationality of your two points ?

The Wuhan Bat Virus

cartoon - virus - 37

cartoon - virus - 47

cartoon - virus - 46

cartoon - virus - 33

cartoon - virus - 35

cartoon - virus - 49


TDS is all the rationality any of these people seem to need

Just, Wow… She has an acute case of TDS… and a shocking dose of tone deafness…

But don’t worry… It has been confirmed, Hillary tested negative for the Presidency…