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Sorry, I thought we were using the same standards used to accuse Russia of rigging the 2016 US Presidential race

You were suggesting that the coronavirus pandemic was a benefit to China and speculating that the whole episode was planned. Its too soon to see how the pandemic affects China and the rest of the world but there’s certainly no evidence of deliberate intent to infect the global population with a deadly virus.

The evidence actually suggests that viral pandemics are increasingly common due to unintentional general human impacts on the animal world - Ebola, SARS, MERS, Swine flu, Avian flu, Zika. And others.

Surprise, surprise, a Trump tweet I agree with

Going back to Dennis3450 and the WHO, not an organisation Ive ever really taken any notice of or paid much attention to. I would have expected them to play a prominent part in fighting Covid, but it seems nations are doing their own thing. Maybe, and this is only a guess, they are more proactive in 3rd-world countries helping to organise.

Aha - there lies the difference - Pres Trump never hid in the dark in his life - whether I agree with a person’s political viewpoint is irrelevant - but I’ll respect a person who stands up to be counted - win or lose :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t intended posting again this week, but saw this on another site and had to share


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That Trump tweet has now been blocked!
His response will be interesting



Tucker nails it most nights.


Huge numbers of victims of these mega billionaires in charge of the Social media – must be preparing to seek legal advice on how to reclaim their losses incurred due to biased banning and shadow banning - Best wishes to all of them !

A shorter version for those in a hurry.

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"Elderly gerbil that has forgotten it’s dentures tries to savage Rottweiller " :rofl: :rofl:

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Our only consolation is that covid did not strike while Theresa May was Prime Minister.

(or as I like to think of her, the “Acting Prime Minister”)


For our American cousins here is a pic from Sky News a couple of days ago of the Rottweiller - well actually a pretty normal guy. He is a SPAD (special advisor to Boris Johnson) and the PM relies quite heavily on his advice.

Spad’s are usually unelected as is the case here:


The controversy is that he is supposed to have broken lock-down rules and because he is high profile many are calling for his head including members of the governing party.

I broke the rules myself - I hugged my grandchild - but nobody noticed except the child’s mum who gave me the all clear. Now if everyone in the UK who has broken the rules in the past weeks were to resign their jobs…

Amen to that brother ! - Can you think of any other team - you would rather have in charge just at the moment - ?

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You’re entitled to your OPINION of course - but it is at variance with that of many others - He is widely regarded as the “Brains” behind the Brexit vote, Boris becoming PM AND the annihilation of the Labour vote in 2019 - And the “Leaving strategy” currently being pursued ! - As “Pretty Normal” goes and to explain WHY the Swamp is desperately trying to get rid of him - take a listen to what someone American who was with hiim at Oxford Uni has to say about the “Pretty Normal” Guy !

AS I said 3 days ago - "He can come and sit at the “Falstaff Table” in the Boars Head - any time he’s in town !
[You need to follow the link to the other thread - to get access to the “reference” which is only 3 minutes long = but highly informative ]

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Aye, there are a few who dislike him in the corridors - goes with the territory i suppose.

Now the thing is back awhile i made mention of a plan he had to sort all the stuff about Brexit and Northern Ireland - remember no-one on the planet could see how the circle could be squared as the many analysts put it - how could you get the UK out and keep NI in.

I called it the: This plan is called the Peterma ‘cummings’ plan :slight_smile:

At it happened - the square became a circle.

The Great White Hope of the Democrat Party

(… or, as Biden would say, “You ain’t black, but I pretend to be.”)

cartoon - Biden - 45

cartoon - Biden - 44

cartoon - Biden - 43


Again I point out with no evidence what so ever 90% of American news media has spent the last three yeas not speculating, not suggesting but flat out accusing Russia of interfering with the 2016 election. Now if those 90% of the media would use the same standard they judged Russia and apply that to China what would the conclusion be. Seems pretty clear

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The Russian govemment directed extensive activity, beginning in at least 2014
and carrying into at least 2017, against U.S. election infrastructure’ at the state and local
The Committee has seen no evidence that any votes were changed or that any voting machines were manipulated.

While the Committee does not know with confidence what Moscow’s intentions
were, Russia may have been probing vulnerabilities in voting systems to exploit later.
Alternatively, Moscow may have sought to undermine confidence in the 2016 U.S.
elections simply through the discovery of their activity

Depends on an interpretation of ‘interference’ - the US is founded and grounded on democracy - if i were Putin i would at least direct some resources in an attempt to undermine that foundation (he failed because the Founding Fathers had the wisdom of foresight).

Since that time Putin has created his own version of democracy in Russia - but that’s for the Russian people to to comprehend and not ours to interfere.

The conclusion should be based on evidence, not what the media wish to “report”.

The fact that they previously wished to suggest something without evidence does not mean that whatever they now report that does have evidence is therefore false. Its nothing to do with the media. Its to do with the evidence.

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