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Polls are meaningless - especially this early.

Fox News would be viewed as impartial by Pres Trump - here is what they are reporting right now:


Peterma beat me to it

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Polls had Hilary as President on voting day.,
so I’m going with Peterma on this one.


It’s just “The Don” trying to get the odds up for a decent bet - but the bookies aren’t having any it seems

Time to get your bets on before the Bookies “catch on” to the Polls ;

When they do - you’ll get a great chance to Arbitrage ! :wink:


Apparently one black killed by a white man is worth more than 100 blacks killed by other blacks ( the city of Chicago is a great example)

10 days ago when this murder took place, America was totally 100% on the side of George Floyd, America is still 100% on the side of George Floyd but political operators that benefit from a divided America where quick to send out paid professional protesters for the sole purpose of in-sighting violence resulting in the riots, looting and murder. It is sad that so many are willing and without question allowing them selves to used as pawns to keep America divided

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Yes mate if you look back to the post you quoted around 12 back, that bar chart I posted shows the 4 categories by race from oficial FBI figures for 2013.

However you refer to “Murder” and at first sight that does seem crrect in this case - However - that particular metthd of restraint is officially endorsed in the Police manual - and the cops already knew there was a problem with this 6 foot 6 guy, drugged up and already with heart issues from a lifetije as a drug dealer addicted to Meth and cocaine - They already knew because the ambulance had been called (by the cops) and was on it’s way when he died.Search u-tub “why were there riots - Stefan Molyneux” you wille have to type the whole thing because he is so heavily shadow banned - it will Not autocomplete.

He has now done a "part 2 and tonight a “Part 3” - which I have not watched yet.

So Maybe it was a deliberate death - maybe it wasn’t - that remains to be seen - but the propaganda is certainly unequivocal.

However - You live there - I don’t - so for me it is jsut a “where is the world going” ? question - for you it may well be very important to understand and discuss with your friends and family.

Here Stefan is discussing the new book (2 years ago now) and saying that the “Affirmative action” by skin colour - irrespective of inttelligence - is smply bound to frustrate and anger those “minority ID groups” - when they can’t cope later in life.

We saw the Entitlement culture in the Bret Weinstein debacle at Evergreen College and There is NO WAY forward - apart from racial conflict - unless we can “Have that discussion” openly and with compassion.

Here he is talking to the author of the book

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@Markaria & @peterma… What are you two on about? Never mentioned Trump OR Polls…
You two St’s are swinging so hard you’ve become delirious.

You are wasting your time reading and especially relying on RIGHT or LEFT biased media.

Find a BALANCED news source, one without TDS or CDS and you’ll see a clearer panorama…

Lucky for you Trading is only up or down and not Left and Right as well… You’d really struggle…

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Thanks for that, I hadn’t come across them before. FWIW, I have the Metro as a favourite on my mobile mainly to read Arsenal FC news (I took a liking to them when I lived in London). The only newspapers I subscribe to and read regularly are The Times and Sunday Times. Both described on your site as Right Centre Bias, which I would agree with.

Hard to find a truly balanced one, but I think The Times is about as fair as you can get.

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Lol - always see the detail, they say the devil is there - no mention of Twb in my reference to polls.

Now back to my delirium :slight_smile:

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"The Pandemic is part of a larger plan to turn the entire globe into a Totalitarian State. I’m 100% certain.

Globalists have united against their common enemy, YOU, and people who won’t easily give up their freedoms…oh wait, you just did. That was easy. We’ve seen 12% of what’s coming. There won’t be a U.S. election unless Trump and team can push back enough. But look at this enemy. Look what they’ve done. It’s on." -Petefader, April 12th.

Now we’re at about 30%

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Where’s your evidence for the coordination, direction, intent and the entities responsible behind these actions?

I could write a book right now showing the evidence. If you are truly curious I suggest a bit of digging beneath the surface and see what you find. I’m not trying to be long winded or convince anyone via debate. Those who know, know. Those who look, will find.

I am not fearful of what’s coming. The enemy is desperate, they are throwing Hail Marys. These are the actions of a defeated team that has nothing left to lose. One last attempt at disorder and division before the buzzer, but it’s really over. :slight_smile:

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OK, finding facts is an essential discipline for forming opinions. What’s your very best source?

I just came across this. I wouldn’t say it’s full of facts, but it’s a start on seeing my perspective. The rabbit hole goes very deep, especially when you find out who “they” are.

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Thanks for that @petefader - alays god to hear a different perspctive - I watched what the same guy had to say about ‘black lives matter’ 3 years before too.

Interesting to hear from the older vid I watched as to “Who is running Black Lives”

I agree with you entirely there mate.

Thing is there’s no single source (as with many of these complex issues) - but we can see a precursor perhaps in the ‘Evergreen College Riots’ which could have cost Bret Weinstein his life and which shows the end result of the pursuit of “Equality” and giving in to deranged demands ! - It is discussed along with many of teh other “wierd stuff” of our time - by Bret Weinstein and Douglas Murray (Author of “Madness oof Crowds”) - if you do watch it mate - don’t end it early !

And Stefan Molyneux - is about as “Up to speed” on it as anybody - Here’s 3 different perspectives - Moyneux on “the riots” and the rest on causaity and results

And finally a thread from bbp - 3rd and 4th vids are also explanatory and quite remarkable !

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If there’s no source how can we get back to the evidence to check what it says and where it came from and what other sources think of it?

Time to excercise the Art of Critical Thinking mate - If there’s no ‘single source’ - you need to rely on your own reasoning skills - to examine and apply what you can glean from the available evidence.


So…when its you, relying on your own reasoning skills is good enough but when its someone else you demand irrefutable evidence.
Sounds like “Fake News” Falstaff to me, no surprise there

Mostly conspiracy theorists - watched the petefader video up to the point where the conspiracy guy says ’ I don’t even know if that s… even happened, with George Floyd.’.

Which part does the theorist need evidence of exactly.

To debate with a conspiracy theorist is difficult, if you try to do so then you are part of the conspiracy in their eyes and any evidence offered to the contrary is likewise part of the conspiracy.

Research the flat earth conspiracy ‘Nasa and other military documents admit the earth is flat, non rotating’ -

try debating that one :slight_smile:

(btw the last flat earth convention was in Dallas - over 600 atendees )

Saint George in Retirement Syndrome

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