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Thanks for that link Stan :sunglasses:

The English Premier League has been using the motto “No room for racism” - For a number of years now - and it’s great to see someone up there has actually done some research and found out the truth about this “BLM” carp ! :sunglasses:

Something btw which @dudebro would do well to research !

Oh yes - It WILL “Go away” ! Whether that “going away” comes from a big Redneck fist between the eyes - or by a different way - The one thing I can promise you is that IT WILL GO AWAY ! Those of you waviing your little fists around and bullying old people just now - Will “Repent at leisure”. Unless the forces of Law and order which you are trying to destroy, manage to regain control with the backing of those in power - then you “Useful Idiots” absolutely WILL “suffer” - just llike the Bolshevics in Russia, and the Students who revolted to bring Mao to power in China - and those convinced by Robespierre in France all did within a very short time after their revolutions !

Maybe not within MY lifetime perhaps - but certainly within yours ! :wink:


What can’t you find on your own, @Falstaff? How can I help?

Quote of the day

“You’ll develop, you’ll develop herd - like a herd mentality. It’s going to be, it’s going to be herd-developed, and that’s going to happen. That will all happen. But with a vaccine, I think it will go away very quickly.”

“Herd mentality”

  • The President, DJT

My post is completely self-explanatory to anyone with a command of the English Language - so we must assume that these words you have written are just “words” - put together randomly to obfuscate the issue without any ability or intention to enter a meaningful discussion !

All good postmodernist stuff - How much are you paying to get this wonderful diseducation ?


:joy: Did he really say that? Honestly, people are already conditioned by Hollywood, so such a mentality will take time to break out of. But hey DJT has seemed to always prove us wrong.

Q post from 9/16 suggests that something big (indictments?) coming soon - 10/8 or 10/18? Or 8 days from 9/16?

Note: Mickey has a “dangle” in an inimitable Disney style. So, indictments for pedophilia?

Looking forward to whatever it might be.

Seriously? I watch a lot of English Premier League online and it was being reported frequently pre-covid and will doubtless pick up again when supporters are allowed back in the stadia. Its something many thought had been eradicated, but has gradually crept back as society in general has become less tolerant of people of different colors or religions

Sadly, yes. In his own words.

The President

2 of my posts were flagged as “inappropriate”. One post was merely pointing users to publicly available information. The other was truthful opinion.

These people have no guts and when they know their game is up they use flagging on BP to censor content that they deem to be inappropriate! Cowards!

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Aye - over 150 incidents reported to police - up 50% from previous season - reported in Feb this year.

It had been on a downward trend - right down to 78 in 2014/15 , 68 next season and 70 in 16/17

Racism in soccer according to ‘Kick It Out’ is on the increase in UK .


Dude, you’re waiting on a Mickey Mouse clock for enlightenment about pedophilia indictments. Talk to family and friends and get their opinion on how crazy that sounds. Don’t take my word.

Just read the most recent flagged, attacking 2 members for giving their opinion - that’s the thing about opinion and debate - if you cannot respect other’s then does that make yours truthful?

That’s not quite as truthful as you imply there Peter - @QuadPip was replying to me and explaining his opinion that he believed Both of those posters genuinely believed that they were correct !

The other “Flagged” post relates to and links to - a Religious website called “The God Report” - which says about themselves ;

…" Hello, and welcome to God Reports! In the psalms, David writes:

> “Proclaim among the nations what He has done.”

On the God Reports website, we exalt His name throughout the world. In 2016, more than a million people visited God Reports from over 200 countries.

God Reports supports and encourages Christian missions by sharing stories and testimonies from the mission field — in written and video form.

We love stories that describe the powerful ways God is at work throughout the world.

God Reports is organized by country, to allow those interested in missions to find ways to get plugged-in, whether that means volunteering, praying, giving, or going.

Let’s use God Reports to increase involvement in missions, by testifying to the transforming power found only in Jesus.…"…

But apparently their views / factual reports are unacceptable as well !

  • All in true and good Postmodernist style :rofl:

  • Petty points scoring is NOT the intention of the “Flag” button - Nor is it there to stifle robust debate - and it is to be hoped that the Mods will excercise their skill and judgement well in this matter.

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Has anyone else seen this?
“A gynecologist was given the nickname ‘uterus collector’ after allegedly giving illegal immigrant detainees hysterectomies without their consent at a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center.”
I am hoping this is fake news, if not then there had better be a damp good explanation. This sort of thing should not be happening in America.

Nothing to do with me

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Are you referring to the very same members who have shown a lack of respect for me or really anyone who does not agree with them? None of us ever flagged their posts. On the contrary, on one occasion I distinctly recall apologizing for sounding like a pompous arse! If you dish it out then you must be able to take it too. Don’t be a wimp and pretend to take umbrage when you have no intellectual response at hand. That’s cowardice.

@Falstaff - Thanks for your very well thought out response to Peterma. I’ve been a little busy at work today and was planning a write a response but I certainly would not have been able to write it as elegantly as you did! Thanks!

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You may not be consciously aware of this but you are resorting to an “appeal to ridicule” to “argue” your case. Look that up and you will understand why it is a weak and illogical argument.

Once you’re done looking up the above, you may want to search for “Disney hidden sexual messages” and see what you find. Show that to your friends and family and tell me what they think. Are you showing your kids Disney movies?

I don’t think there is any danger of me taking your word for anything, “dude”! There is nothing you can teach me or tell me that I don’t already know. I’m light years ahead of you.

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Not sure why the need to dish anything out, nor indeed to take whatever had been dished.

Your choice i suppose…

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So are we seeing more racism or are we seeing more objections to racism?

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We are not seeing either - the police are seeing more reporting as recorded by the Home Office.