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It’s not so complicated - the Home Office collect the reports, the police and the clubs make the reports.

That’s not to say that there is an absence of pro-active response - the contrary - since Jan 2018 the 3 leading agencies meet weekly - police/FA/kickitout - they discuss, argue, debate and figure a way forward.

Bit like this thread?


There’s much information on racism in football that I don’t have because I never never ever watch football.

But maybe somebody who does follow it can shed some light here which I can’t…

The Chinese government was murdering people in the streets, big difference

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Racism is a tool used by Governments to control the masses , You saw this in the American south as a means to control black people by telling white people they should fear black people, now in the 21 century the strategy to control black people is to convince them that all white people are racist and only the Government can protect them. Among normal average people there is very little racism and most of what Government and the news media calls racism is natural Tribalism. The world “Racist” has been also weaponized especially in Social Media

Actor Morgan Freeman said it best in a 60 Minutes interview " If you want to stop racism then stop talking about it"


My view of Ginsburg comes from a Q&A some years ago in a foreign country ( I forget which county) where Ginsburg was asked about using the US Constitution as a bases for their own country, Ginsburg’s reply was that the US Constitution was outdated and flawed and should not be followed by other countries. That would be like the Pope saying the Bible is flawed and out date. How can you sit on the Supreme Court and not believe in the very document that gives you the authority to make rulings in its name. For the above reason I rate Ginsburg as one of the worst Justices ever to be appointed


I would have thought someone who spoke out about the shortcomings of any organisation of which they were a part should be listened to. We may end up disagreeing with what they say, but at least they have brought it to our attention.
Without this, nothing gets reformed or updated to suit changing times.

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I would agree if you said that racism is a tool used by the left and the left is trying to convince black people that only a leftist government would protect them.


This is a coordinated effort to usher us into their “New World Order”. It seeks to divide us along lines of race, gender, religion and really any other issue that they can find to ignite, such as rich v/s poor, the LGBT movement, etc. They need to bring about a communist-like government as a first step so that all dissent can be eradicated.

The above agenda has been carried out by the cabal by infiltrating both parties. It is key to understand that this is not a left v/s right war. Trump is the only person who has risen above this and is working to expose and bring down the cabal. JFK and Reagan tried but they failed.

What you’re witnessing during this momentous time is literally the war between good and evil!

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Don’t blame an economic system on the policies of corrupt politicians,

And as in my earlier post, you are using this media platform to weaponize Racism, I would flag your post but it serves a greater good for it to stand as an example of how someone with real hate sees the world


Ginsburg did none of these things, she simply used her position to advance her political agenda, We have a process for updating our Constitution it is called an Amendment, and it is the responsibility of congress to put forth Amendments as they become needed. But when activist judges attempt to legislate from the bench they are interfering with the responsibilities of congress and violating the separation of powers between our three branches of government.

Note; there has not been an Amendment to our Constitution this century, again this is what happens when you have activist judges interfering with the Amendment process

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If you dislike capitalism then what are you doing in the U.S.? Why are you participating in a capitalist society? Go to China and see how you like 'em apples! Try and trade currencies in China, LOL. They will put your ar*se in jail before you can say WTF!

Are you even interested in fx trading or are you one of the paid lackeys ordered to spread disinformation and funded by your Lord, Soros?

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Why are you even asking me, I thought you had all the answers?

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That’s your response? Nothing to say, huh? I thought so!


Your wasting your time , Marky is so far down the rabbit hole and drunk on blue Kool-aid he cannot be reason with, better off to ignore him

I wonder if he will respond to me calling him out of his own racism and hate


Oh Danny boy, you’re a scream! :rofl:

There are corrupt businessmen and politicians within capitalism. But there are corrupt people within every system, every race, every society.

However, socialism is an inherently corrupt system within itself. The proof lies within its fundamental beliefs, the evidence lies within the world’s history.


If “Murky” had his way he would blame this on Trump too! :smiley:

No debates, no rationalization - just false accusations that we are to believe just because the great Markaria says so!

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Always sad to hear of a death - especially from Cancer - But she had a good run and supported women’s issues during a period when that stance was relevant

However - here is my guess for her replacement - during a period when that pendulum has swung too far ;