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Well that didn’t take long did it ? :rofl:


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Whats happening to the world?
Never thought I’d like one of this guys tweets

Marky, instead of just throwing your own poop at people have you ever thought about posting about something actually happening in the world and maybe offer a solution and welcome others to offer solutions as well, doing so might result in a real conversation and you might find you having many things in common with people here, I would love to hear your opinion minus the poop


Positively inspiring! Watched the entire speech. Loved it!

Notice that creepy Joe is still hiding in his basement. Isn’t it about time that he starts rallying? Not that it will help (probably likely to hurt :slight_smile: ).


So there is no misunderstanding where I stand politically and rather than assign myself to one of the common Identity Politics terms my Political, Personal and Philosophy views can be summed up in just 4 words


From my perspective , these words have disappeared from our society which explains much

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If you remember Hillary could not fill a high school gym, then late in the race she started showing up at other peoples concerts where they knew in advance there would be a crowd, the news media would then make it look like the crowd was there just for Hilary, I suspect Biden will start showing up at rap concerts where he will tell the audience " If you are not voting for Joe Biden then you are not black" and they will actually applaud that. Sad!


OMG. You cracked me up! :rofl:

What makes it funny is there is so much truth in it, that is where the left falls flat on their face with humor that contains little to no truth, just hate. If you watched that Jeff Dunham video I posted last week, that contained a lot of truth and he made fun of both Biden and Trump, it was great humor that everyone can enjoy. I remember back in the 80’s Saturday Night Live had some great political humor, Dana Carvey playing George Bush Sr. still cracks me up, fast forward to today and SNL and all late night TV is unwatchable , Sad!

Just read today that Hilary got the most votes at the last election - is this true?

Peter my friend, you need to pick up your reading speed as you are 4 years behind, Not only did Hillary get the most votes in 2016 she got more votes than Obama in the 2008 Democrat Primary. Nether mattered as our elections are not a who got the most votes contest. Think of it as Baseball and the World Series and your team wins the first three games by the same score of 10 to 1 but my team comes back and wins the next three game 1 to 0 , now your team might have scored 30 runs to my teams 6 but we are still tied 3 games to 3 and who wins the next game is the Champion , That is how the American Presidential race is decided , Your Welcome


Aye, knew I was talking about 2016 - just wondering about Hilary’s popularity - seems it was high.

Just checked Fox Business and it is true - percentage wise small, numbers 2.9m difference

The UK have a similar setup where a party might get say 20% of the popular vote and end up with 1% of the lawmakers.

In Ireland there is a complicated system of voting where voters list their preference in order of choice - so a person could vote say no.1 Trump, No2 Biden and so on.

Like I say - it’s complicated but for the savvy politicians it can work wonders.

If she couldn’t fill a high school gym then the question should be, “How is it that Hilary’s vote count was so high?”

This should be added to all the other investigations currently underway on Hilary or else we’re likely to see a repeat of this for Biden. Now, we all know that Biden has but 5 supporters, 4 of whom are right here in this forum.

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Sen Johnson on Hunter Biden report: I think we’ve caught Biden in a lie

it is called Rank Choice Voting here in the states and has been tried at some local elections, it has its problems too. Not to get back into 2016 election but you brought it up, most of that difference was from one state California, Now California was an uncontested state, it was going to hillary and neither candidate spent a dime campaigning there. But the interesting thing is the number of people who voted, country wide 55% of registered voters took the time to vote, but in California that number was 75% in a state where voting really did not matter, here is were it gets even more interesting in the other California state races that percentage voting was at the national average of 55%, now if I were to put on my tin foil hat a assume that 75% to 55% gap was fake votes all going to hillary and if you back out those votes Hillary still wins California but Trump wins the popular vote for the country. No proof it happen but in all we have seen the last 4 years is it really out of the realm of possibility

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That one cracked me up :grin:, and I think 2 of them are not US citizens but thanks to mail-in voting they will be counted


Not the first time we’ve had that happen either. The one I remember best was Bush winning in 2000 despite losing the "popular " vote.
The turnout was low as well, just over half those eligible voting if memory serves me right.

This Chinese Bat Virus pandemic is bringing a certain dangerous class of people out of the shadows -

  • people who love to be in charge

  • people who delight in persecuting their neighbors for failing to behave in the prescribed manner

  • people pathologically attracted to sirens and flashing lights, to waving guns and giving orders

  • people who love to flash their badges, and slap the handcuffs on law-breakers

  • people with a Napoleon Complex — petty dictator types

In Moscow, worshippers at an outdoor church service
were arrested for failing to wear masks while singing hymns.

Oh well, that was in Moscow, you say. What do you expect in a commie country?

It was Moscow, Idaho. Right here in the USA — not yet a commie country (I hope).


Google’s memory is pretty large :wink:

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