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Why isn’t Joe behind bars already? Listen to this. :point_down:

Biden is a threat to our National Security


Someone a few posts ago made a claim that the Stock Market has performed poorly during Presidents Trump’s first term, here is a monthly chart of the S&P 500, box on the left is the market during Obama’s first term, box on the right is the market during President Trump’s first term so far. It seems pretty clear to me who the winner is, but I will leave everyone to make up their own minds


I just watched Rudy Gulianis youtube podcast.

It’s damning to say the least. Id like to think anyone voting democrats would watch it, but that’s not likely - most live in their own echo chamber


Someone a few posts back implied that President Trump is responsible for all the Coronavirus death in the US. If that is true then who is to blame for the now over 1 million deaths outside the US, Just asking


Hi John, I have not seen you here before, welcome to the thread, be warned we have a few echo chamber trolls that hang out here looking to make trouble, I choose to ignore them but others will pull their chains just for fun

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At the election time I tend to take a renewed interest in US politics - usually focusing on British politics

In trading I’ve always found it’s good to try to invalidate our own thesis - it makes the case stronger if you can’t

So stepping out my own echo chamber isn’t that hard when it comes to my political preferences.

Though it can be painful reading or viewing.

While I don’t want to tar all the left with the same brush my talks with anti trumpers I know almost borders on the irrational.

Most recently I was told because I’m not american I just butt the ■■■■ out and not have an opinion.

Which is why I’m saddened to say that despite all the evidence against the bideno mafia family few will ever get to truly understand it


Then, they must also ask Soros, the Rothschilds, the Royals of England and many others to also butt out of American politics and stop funding the radical left. Oh, and ask them why international banks have ownership in the Federal Reserve. Why does the Fed control our currency and money supply?

This is a global war! Trump has said many times that if America falls, the rest of the world also falls. Falls into what? What is the threat?

Carry on soldier and don’t let anyone tell you what your fight should be. They are your enemy and they will lie and cheat and try to make you feel that you are insignificant, while all the time dreading that you will join this war on the side of the good.

The world is waking up! We all have a voice! Their game is up and they are in total panic mode. Let’s finish this once and for all! Enough already!

Watch this speech :point_down:t2:

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Besides Fox, Sky news australia are the only Tv network covering the Bideno Crime syndicate

It’s funny, because Sky Uk won’t touch it with barge pole, but Australia all over it.


Bon Jovi was featured at Joe Biden’s rally in PA.

He played for 12 people and 7 pumpkins. :smile: Watch the video !


The Plot Against The President is available for FREE on Amazon Prime

Winner sure isn’t Trump!
According to your boxes, under Obama price went from c850 to1500, an increase of 76%, so if you invested $1000 it would grow to $1760.
Under Trump price went from 2250 to c3600, plus 60%, so $1000 invested under Trump grows to $1600.
Looks like another Obama win to me!
Thanks for pointing that our to us Denny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Why are left controlled media and big tech censoring pedo related stories so vigorously? Because it is the one crime that is indefensible. It brings Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the undecided to unanimously denounce these monsters.

This is also the reason that the single letter anonymous poster is banned everywhere online, including here at BP :exclamation:

100% with you there.
Left, right, or whatever, the world needs flushing of pedos and no sentence is too harsh for them.

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Carlos my friend you fell into the percentage trap, let me explain it this way

Back in my restaurant days I worked for a company that only cared about lowering food cost percentage.

They would rather sell a chicken dish that cost them $1 and sold for $4 for a food cost of 25% and net profit of $3 than sell a Steak that cost them $5 and sold for $10 for a food cost of 50% and net profit of $5, they lowered their food cost until they went bankrupted

Now apply this to the market and I will even use your numbers. Obama sold us a Chicken Dinner for 1500 minus cost of 850 for a net profit of 650, But Trump sold us a Steak Dinner for 3600 minus cost of 2250 for a net profit of 1350

In summery Obama netted you 850 while Trump netted you 1350

Simply put, you make a bigger profit selling steak then chicken

Denny, are you seriously trying to pretend that for every $1000 invested in the S&P500 under Trump you would have made more than for every $1000 invested under Obama?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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9 days to go…you know the rest by now :rofl:


Haha, looks like Denny played himself there!! :rofl:

Carlos my friend, Try thinking like a trader, $1000 invested in 2016 will not buy you what it did in 2008 , so your comparison is meaning less, look at net gains not percentages, don’t let your political bias fail you as a trader , I see one of your minions is cheering on your miss conception, Sad!

Your comparison makes no sense whatsoever as you are comparing different products. Based on this, would you suggest KFC stop selling chicken and swop over to steaks?

Okay then, as a trader I measure myself on ROCE and I believe most companies do likewise, certainly in the Dow Jones, FTSE, or Dax and this is in percentages.
If you compare %age equity returns for investments made in the Dow, annualised and adjusted for inflation (which negates your argument about the value of $1000 in 2016 v 2008), Trump is 6th out of the last 15 Presidents. Clinton is top and Obama 2nd.