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We all would like to hear your assessment of Trump and the virus. I know you said he’s to blame.

I was trying to get a discussion started if anyone wants to add perspective…
That’s not the correct link, but there is a thread started .

This is what the Democrats are all about - Violence, Death & Destruction :bangbang:

Leaked Document: Leftists Fear Trump May Win Minnesota, Plot Post-Election ‘Mass Mobilization’

The coalition is officially affiliated with far-left national organizations People’s Action and CPD Action, both funded by the George Soros-backed Democracy Alliance aimed at “resisting” President Trump.

Leftist protest groups plot election day coup aided by the Democrat Party, Federal employees & Intelligence contractors.

They plan to shut down & take over Washington D.C. [and other major US cities] starting Nov. 4th until inauguration day to force Trump out of the White House.

Eric Trump: “This is an absolute movement of love." :heart:

After an ‘urgent investigation,’ UPS located a previously missing package sent to @TuckerCarlson he said contained confidential documents about the Biden family.

Awesome vlog of #WalkAway enlightened Americans

Women for Trump

Very Powerful Message, Eloquently Delivered. Watch :point_down:t2:

Literally Rolling on Floor with Laughter ! OMG !!! :rofl:


Former Vice President Joe Biden returned to Iowa for the first time since the primaries, and ridiculed President Trump for odd comments about nuking hurricanes and saying windmills cause cancer.

according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in its 6 October status report, Trumps wall is now a massive 15 miles longer than before he took over.
At this rate it’ll be complete in a couple of hundred years :rofl: :rofl:

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Now you’ll have guys searching for links to post :slight_smile:

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Controlling the narrative is of primary importance.

What the left fears the most is the truth being revealed to us, for if we wake up en mass, their game will be up. All dissenting voices must be immediately and vehemently suppressed. They use their propaganda machinery, the media and big tech, to label us as radicalist or anti-semitic or racist or misogynist or whatever. If you are perceived as a larger threat they will use their financial machinery against you. Banks will close your accounts and deny you merchant processing for online sales of your products or services. The IRS will be unleashed on you. They might falsely accuse you of crimes that you have not committed in order to tangle you up in their kangaroo courts and bankrupt you.

But, for all this to work without the masses figuring out what they are doing, they need to maintain a facade of independence between the individual factions of their propaganda machinery. That is, it must not be made obvious to the average person that all, media, big tech, banks, etc. are colluding to coordinate an attack.

And yet, today we are seeing that they have shed the illusion of independence and they are openly showing their hand. Think about that! Why would they do that? They are doing that because Trump has lifted the veil. Most people who have a brain to think with are now aware of the left’s propaganda tactics.

They know that their game is up! This is their death dance - a futile and last ditch effort to turn the tide. They will fail :exclamation:

Gab.com is a free speech social media platform created by Andrew Torba, a Silicon Valley veteran. He was one of big tech’s golden boy until he engaged in speaking out against the left’s devil worshiping marxist agenda. Listen to the chilling story that Andrew tells us about how they tried to silence him for the past 4 years. They can make your life hell with the flick of a switch. :point_down:t2:

Watch it now before YouTube takes it down.

Andrew Torba TruNews Interview

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Listen … :rofl:

‘Disaster’ Kamala Harris kept in ‘witness protection’ for entire campaign

This was on CNN. Listen :point_down:t2:

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I Like Trump Because of Who Hates Him

Trump’s not the issue. You Are !

Shouldn’t HAVE to search for links - They SHOULD be provided - but as we know - Marky does tend to find backing up his assertions a little difficult.

However we already know that Windmill operators are the only undertakings in the US - exempt from the Ban on Killing Eagles !

And we Do know that the huge pressure waves they generate kill around 800,000 bats - so I for one do not find it inconceivable that that same pressure wave could disrupt the human body to the extent of causing damage - in the same way that A/C voltage which I showed you - induced in our bodies by the electricity in our walls could have a similar effect imo.

Whether The President said any such thing I don’t know and as I said “Marky” never bothers to show any evidence :roll_eyes:

JOE BIDEN’S DARK WINTER VS TRUMP’S MAGA…which will you choose?

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Markaria, ignore the old fool. The lies he and others put here using extreme right sources as “evidence” is a joke.
The more they say, the more ridiculous they look.

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Whoa!!! Awesome!

Another Joke for You :sunglasses:

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Latest “poll” has Biden up by 10 points. I fear half of us are going to be sorely disappointed come end of November when the results are “official”.

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Over a week later I am still waiting for an answer to my question,

my original post


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Maybe the answer is each and every one of us, whether inside or outside the US.

Apportioning blame is not how we fight the virus, negativity thrives in a negative environment.