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Valid point @Dennis3450 - you Have said that and I missed teh parallel - and seeing that he dedicated his daily “Two minutes of hate” to me earlier perhaps they really ARE using it as an Instruction manual !

Anyhow I seem to remember Winston Smith opinining that “The only hope is the Proles” (UNeducated…) and that this garbage is fostered and nurtured in the Universities whence is pervades and infests pretty much all public employment and the media etc - I wonder whether you might like to reconsider your point of view on “Student debt” ? and it’s cancellation - personally I would restrict severely the numbers able to access “higher education” to those with brains capable of knowing BS when they see it ! ANd then again to those seeking to learn USEFUL Subjects !

Whith the intention of increasing the proportion of unindoctrinated “Proles” at the expense of the Educated fools !

Interesting though that throughout our lives children have rebelled against the views of the previous generation - and yet this time they’re being happily indoctrinated BY the views of their “teachers”

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the question was what was your definition, the definition you provided requires knowing someone’s intent, motive and belief in order to be racist, how does a random one off meme meet this definition

On a side note Yankee Doodle was used as a sort of racial slur by the Brits against the American Colonists in the same content as your watermelon. Americans answer to this was to make it their marching song. Calling words racist and then weaponizing them to be used to get people fired from their jobs is not going to bring us together but only drive us farther apart which seems to be the intent of some here

We are fast approaching the 200th anniversary of the American Civil War, many here will live to see that and sadly many will still be keeping that war alive

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So you are saying if is perfectly fine to mock someone’s behavior, so you should have no issue with putting a Harris head on your Avatar, do it for a day just to show you really believe what you just posted

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If she behaves in a similar spoilt-child manner such as Chump has, I will gladly oblige

On the subject of 1984-style control…

Not surprised that you are still defending racist actions, expecting racists to admit they’re in the wrong is like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas.

Jimmy Dore sees America’s shortcoming as not starting and ending with Donald Trump

Trump Is A Symptom Of A Larger Problem

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Marky, I have tried to have a reasonable conversation with you and all you do is launch personal attacks, calling me a defender of racist actions is not one I will quietly stand for.

This thread was started to give members a place to express their Political Opinion, not a means to launch personal attacks at other members, If you cannot respectably disagree with someone else’s opinion then please do not participate in this thread and not spoil it for the others who know how to disagree in a civil manner

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After Trump meeting, Michigan GOP lawmakers affirmed Biden will win the state and urged Trump to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the US

Racist people are like rapist and child molesters, nobody likes them they have a sickness in the mind, if you look a the behavior of racist people how are they normal, there not and should be avoided at all cost.

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As President Trump pushes to bring the troops home, American media pushes to keep the troops in place and calls for more war, could it be because the media is paid for by the Military Industrial Complexe

Jimmy Dore has a good handle on this and tells it like it is

so you are saying someone who post a meme that you perceive as racist is as bad as someone who rapes a child, sorry they are not the same. And I don’t see how this subject matter belongs on this thread

i said racist people, they know if their racist that’s something they have to deal with, not my problem

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If you want real news about what is really happening in America there is no better source than Chris Chappell. He also tells all of China’s dirty little secrets on China Uncensored. You know he is good as all his videos are demonetized by Boobtube

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How many troops has Trump brought home? You keep harping on about this, but where are the numbers?

The Trump administration has increased U.S. defense spending in the last several years by nearly $140 billion, from $611 billion in 2016 to $750 billion in 2019, Foreign Affairs reported.
When Trump settled into the Oval Office in January 2017, the United States had a little under 200,000 troops deployed overseas. Best estimates are that number has been reduced slightly, but this may largely reflect a difference in accounting.
Since 2017, the Department of Defense has excluded troops deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria from its official reports, arguing that providing the number of troops in a combat theater violated operational security.
Massaging the figures to try to spin a story to suit his narrative is so typical of Trump. The sooner he’s gone, the better.

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Oh, and if you disagree with my post feel free to flag it. That’s what you usually do with posts you don’t like or that land a little too close to home for comfort.

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GOP Governor On Trump’s Election Tantrum: Beginning To Look Like A ‘Banana Republic’

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I’m proud of being Black !

  • said the Black woman

I’m proud of being Asian !

  • said the Asian man

I’m proud of being White !

  • said the RACIST !

I don’t remember you saying that.

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