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Good news the last few days. Firstly, Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher’s record of seven World Championship titles.

Secondly, Lewis has lost his court case against Hamilton International, a luxury watch-maker. Hamilton International Limited was founded in 1892, and Lewis thought for some odd reason that he could stop them using HIS surname, Hamilton. No matter that he wasn’t even born in 1892. No matter that the firm did not identify with him in any way and did not use his full name in their marketing. No matter that millions of people around the world were also born with HIS name, Hamilton. No matter that the name probably more correctly belongs to his father, who is still alive of course.

Anyway, its good his case was thrown out. What a driver! What a d1ck.


Looks like we might finally get a deal

(Bloomberg) –

The pound rallied the most among major peers as signs the U.K. and European Union are close to agreeing a trade deal, and the latest progress in the development of a coronavirus vaccine added to optimism over the currency’s prospects.

Sterling rose as much as 0.8% to $1.3381, extending an advance that sent the currency to the highest level since early September. The pound climbed as much as 0.6% against the euro.

However, it goes on to say…

With the market expecting an accord to materialize, a breakdown in talks would see a much larger move lower in the cash market than any rally off of news of a deal.

I’m not a farmer but i know that the milk in my fridge comes from a cow :slight_smile:


Carlos - it was a rumour started by a journalist from France24 - he reported that both sides are likely to agree on the parts that they’ve agreed on ( apparently 95%) and leave the rest until the new year.

What that would mean in reality is that they implement the easier stuff like vat/security and so on - an extension to the transition period in all but name.

Might be a difficult sell for both sides - that’s why the market gave up GBP gains so quickly.

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all we can do is continue to flag these post, maybe someone at Babypips will eventually take action

I defiantly don’t come to this thread for cheering up, these guys can take the ho ho ho out of Santa Claus

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not if it is Soy Milk, in 2020 nothing is guaranteed

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Who would flag this post and why ?


Here’s another post flagged minutes before the last one I referenced.


"they can dish it out - but can’t take it "

What one wonders - is the common denominator of these posts ? :wink:

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i never flag any post in fact since i been a member


If this is true it narrows the list

Does this also mean that China is running Babypips,

It is like Facebook and Twitter were they ban people without ever telling them why they were banned

more 1984 stuff

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Not sure anybody answered, but this was discussed many many months ago as a possible pathwayTrump could take would the election not go his way. Maybe even back 12 months. My understanding is that several states have laws that make this idea impossible, as electors have to select the candidate picked by the majority of voters. It’s not a law in every state, as you’ve already mentioned, and I’m not sure whether the historical swing states have this law or not. But I will say many Dems were discussing this at great length in the months preceding the election. You know it’s a real situation when actual electors are coming out making statements that they will vote as mandated by the people.

Very real, but apparently no longer a member of the Trump legal team. Performance based firing perhaps?

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So by your logic if I shop at Walmart and some bad people also shop at Walmart that makes me a supporter of those bad people , that is retarded

Just like retarded hillary clintion

Why should Trump not exhaust all legal means, Hillary did the same 4 years ago

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Then there was Hollywood trying to convince the Electoral College to not vote for Trump,

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I know precious little about the law but my take is maybe it’s to do with conflicts of interests.

Part of me thinks there will be prosecutions coming for some lawmakers, and it might ruin any case she has if she is part of the Trump team.

Of course that’s when I’m wearing my tin foil hat, when I take it off I think maybe this whole thing is a great big nothing burger and Biden did actually win his election fair and square.

In trading it always pays to have more than one hat.


You openly admit that you flag posts and encourage others to do the same, then turn cry baby when someone does it to you.
A touch of doublethink in play here (thats from 1984, Falstaff)

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Aye, that was a bit of a shock - Trump confrimed her part of the team in a tweet on Nov15 - so seems she got the sack in the space of a week.

It’s kinda sad end - history will only mention fleetingly the good things instead all the bad stuff will get detailed.

I have a mantra in life - onwards and upwards - and that’s how not only the USA but also the entire Western Democracies will fare.

The only posts I flag are those from scammers trying to extract money from novices and those which put Babypips at potential risk of legal action.