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america need to and will move on from this guy :+1:

The insurance industry would disagree with you

Sep 16, 2020 - Economy & Business

Exclusive: $1 billion-plus riot damage is most expensive in insurance history

Jennifer A. Kingson

Jennifer A. Kingson

This was always the case, it was the media that worked up every body by suggesting the military would be needed to remove Trump

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Trump implies he won’t leave the White House unless Biden ‘can prove’ he won 80 million votes, as the president continues to tweet lies and conspiracy theories about the election

If the EU says a chlorine wash in unnecessary, then it seems hard to conclude that this therefore costs the EU farmer more than what the US farmer pays. The EU chicken processor doesn’t have to have to install and maintain a chlorine rinse line and equipment, nor the staff to run it, nor to have to buy the chlorine solution.

Since the chlorine rinse only affects the surface contamination of chicken meat after slaughter it is irrelevant to husbandry standards in the chicken house. This whole issue is nothing to do with hygiene or meat safety.

It would seem fair that if a consumer wants special chicken, they have to pay for it, and the consumer who doesn’t doesn’t have to.


the american people health should always comes first, the added cost should be included in the farm subsidies they get from the government

Not sure what your point is, maybe you can expand upon it, there where 25 million more votes total than 4 years ago, both parties saw a 20% increase.

What I am saying there must be a 21st century answer that everyone can trust

I mean if I can file my taxes online and have my refund deposited into my account in just three days, why should vote counting take longer than that

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By the way, just to clarify I’m no longer angry at what stupid things the EU does. We’re not members now, we’re not partners, we’re competitors. The more stupid stuff they do in Brussels the better I like it.


Does the EU have a problem raising chickens, if not why are we sending US chickens to Europe , but at the same time there seems to be a lot of European bottled water on my grocery shelf

Just seems rather inefficient

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The EU blocks the importation of US chlorinated chicken, although there is no real evidence that EU chicken meat is cleaner than US chlorinated chicken meat.

This is straight out of the old Soviet Union and the novel 1984

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lol i figure you would say that with your anti-american views :point_down:

And just where do you think the government gets the money for those farm subsidies

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lol every western country have farm subsidies for the better of their country and people. dude your a lost soul

A Trump-appointed judge eviscerated the president’s biggest election lawsuit in Pennsylvania, saying the campaign’s ‘claims have no merit’

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Yep - it’s quite simple - know the way how your apple phone will not open unless you have a quick look over the screen - same thing with signatures - it flags a discrepancy - they already use this in US.

[quote=“SmallPaul, post:6588, topic:42247”]
lol i figure you would say that with your anti-american views :point_down:

[/Has anyone really been far as decided to use, even go want to do look more like

only you and your crew :point_down:

Nothing is simple in the US

Oh Bless your heart, did you eat lots of Turkey yesterday

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