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By the way, just to clarify I’m no longer angry at what stupid things the EU does. We’re not members now, we’re not partners, we’re competitors. The more stupid stuff they do in Brussels the better I like it.


Does the EU have a problem raising chickens, if not why are we sending US chickens to Europe , but at the same time there seems to be a lot of European bottled water on my grocery shelf

Just seems rather inefficient

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The EU blocks the importation of US chlorinated chicken, although there is no real evidence that EU chicken meat is cleaner than US chlorinated chicken meat.

This is straight out of the old Soviet Union and the novel 1984

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lol i figure you would say that with your anti-american views :point_down:

And just where do you think the government gets the money for those farm subsidies

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lol every western country have farm subsidies for the better of their country and people. dude your a lost soul

A Trump-appointed judge eviscerated the president’s biggest election lawsuit in Pennsylvania, saying the campaign’s ‘claims have no merit’

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Yep - it’s quite simple - know the way how your apple phone will not open unless you have a quick look over the screen - same thing with signatures - it flags a discrepancy - they already use this in US.

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lol i figure you would say that with your anti-american views :point_down:

[/Has anyone really been far as decided to use, even go want to do look more like

only you and your crew :point_down:

Nothing is simple in the US

Oh Bless your heart, did you eat lots of Turkey yesterday

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alright boys time for me to go have fun, 'its friday enjoy boys and have fun :+1:

Dennis this is the power of marketing - long time ago an old timer told me ’ son there will come a time when they bottle water and sell it to you’

Didn’t think it possible then in Ireland.


No worse than paying for air at the gas station


That’s just their little joke mate :wink: - Now we’re OUT - I can tell you !

EVIAN - NAIVE spelled backwards !

the premis being simply a comment on anyone who is gullible enough to buy water that has been poured into plastic bottled and shipped 5000 miles, when they have perfectly Good water in their own homes !

There are plenty of the dumb soy-boy types who buy it around here as well ! :rofl:

Not really - we get plenty of cheap chickens - mainly from Eastern Europe where the so-called “Welfare Regs” are not enforced so strongly - but hey I’ve had plenty of US chicken when I came to Florida and it was fine. Round us we have loads of “Pretend Welfare” Regs around chickens - so called “Free-Range” is the most ludicrous of all !

Thing is we have an issue with food poisoning and intensively bred chicken does have bacterial issues (fairly low scale) and when I open the instructions it says “DO NOT WASH” - The principle being that the carcass goes whole into the oven and the contaminant bacteria gets cooked to death. The USA chicken has teh bacteria killed by a low intensity chlorine dip - same thing ! BUT I buy chickens and cut them up to make 5 joints and so I’ve spread this hypothetical bacteria all over the kitchen, whereas if I had chlorine dipped - there would be no bacteria !

The funny thing is that these same city dwellers who think chicken is made in plastic bags and chlorine is bad ( Greenpeace actually tried to BAN chlorine - that’s one of teh main reasons Patrick Moore kicked them into touch) - are quite happy to buy their bags of green leaves from Tesco or wherever Which HAVE been Chlorine washed !

It’s just the Loonies at it again mate - If there IS a difference - yours are LESS dangerous than ours ! :rofl:

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Well, that’s just trading.

We know you’ve got water and you know we’ve got chickens. But hey, that isn’t going to get food on the table is it?
You and me and Falstaff might be the only people on this thread who remember the old Bob Newhart routine about Sir Walter Raleigh wanting to ship a boatload of “leaves” of all things back from the New World to Europe…


The joke here in America has always been how Florida grows Oranges to sell to people in California and California grows Oranges to sell in people in Florida, The strange thing is it’s no joke


That is the defining lack of comprehension of the “r’s” - N’est ce pas ?

Well one suspects that with your claim to fame - your challenge might indeed be onerous - Best of luck mate :slightly_smiling_face: