Post Which Broker is Best for High leverage ?

Hi all, I’m looking for stable MT5 forex brokers with high leverage. Any recommendations?
Locations can be anywhere.

I heard some brokers have banned accounts/blocked money/issues before.
Anyone encountered these in recent years?
Know who?


You may check Forexchief, there is mt5 platform and offers up to 1:1000 leverage. Fees are low and minimum lot size is 0.01. I have been using them for more than 12 months and its been very stable.

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so many brokers right now which offer right now high leverage , its not a big deal , the main issue is how you deal with leverage , its more risky when trading in practical.

I think here, of course, you need to try which one you like more. I am now working with ExpertOption, and I am quite satisfied with this option.

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i think this topic is more appropriate for broker discussion in every top forum community.

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Hi! If by high leverage you mean up to 1:1000 then I would suggest I am currently using the same and I find it fair in all respect. The execution is fast and I have never had a problem with withdrawals.

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thanks for your replay

i will check to forexchief
thanks for your replay

TTSMarkets is a brokers, He/She is doing market research !!!

High leverage is a dangerous thing. Many traders do not work with it at all. So I would recommend that you be a little more careful with it. But if you’re fully confident in your abilities, then good luck to you.