Pre school completed am i ready to trade?

My answer would be no, or would it.(I ask as the final module of pre school talks about demo accounts etc)

I also wanted to ask during the learning modules will it teach me how to monitor, look for trends and read the markets as I have no idea at the moment?

You could start demo trading as it wont do any harm. Mainly so you can get used to different broker platforms. Its going to take at least 3 months to learn everything you need to be successful. This is a great place to start. Yes it will teach you how to do these things and much more. 95% of people fail so dont think you are special and rush in.


I agree with Beiban. You can start opening a demo account and play with it as you go through the lessons. It will help you understand the concepts better.

Not really. There’s so much more you need to learn after preschool. But opening a demo account at any point while doing your studies could also be helpful. It makes your learning more comprehensive.

Yes it teaches the basics of technical analysis.

Start with demo trading and then jump into the real world.

You can start with demo trading, but don’t leave the learning part. Learn as much as possible. Only knowledge will help you in the longer run.

If you think that you should only trade during the weekdays and can relax on the weekends, I don’t think so. In order to become successful in your trading career, make it a habit to perform weekend analysis. When the markets are closed, you can study weekly charts to check patterns and news that could affect your trades.

Of course, it depends on your mindset and attitude. If you seriously want to enter into trading, you have to first learn about it.

Start learning daily , you can find various youtube videos, forums, articles and ebooks on the internet.

It’s a long game and requires patience. So, I would suggest not to jump directly into it. You can trade on a demo account and start creating and testing various strategies. Once, you are confident enough, you can switch to real trading.

Forex knowledge is not less than any business that you will ever run. Treat it like a business and I am sure that you will make profits like a business. Gather as much information as you can about forex trading and when you think that you are ready to trade, go live and execute your trades.

pre school level is more important for newcomers but only for 1 times is not enough at all , according to me its more appropriate to finish 2 -3 times , otherwise trading can be useless . happy trading.

Don’t jump for live trading. There are a lot of things to learn before going to live. I would suggest you to trade on a demo account as long as you start making consistent profit and make a well defined trading strategy.