Preparing for the trading week!

I just wanted to start a thread to help others if not myself in preparing for the upcoming trading week and wanted to get feedback on how everyone gets prepared to help shed light on a issue not really discussed.

I for example prepare by looking at the calendar over the weekend and see what news is coming out that may affect my favorite pair (gbp/usd & gbp/jpy)

Then I look at how last week ended on which note and create a trading stategy based upon past history and possible future action…

Anyone care to shed light?

I just spend a couple hours on the weekend going through all the charts from the past week… and reviewing entries, management, and outcome.

About an hour a time frame seems to be enough. Honestly I don’t trade anything that would require a predtermined setup. 30 seconds to glance at a chart, and its either there, or its not. But thats just me.

dadeduls do you use fundamentals at all or just trade off of setups?

Just setups…

since you dont use any systems per say what setups do you look for? and what type?

Generally I just stick to one or 2 pairs that correlate since I know them well…as well I time my setup/trades so I dont sit in front of my computer all day waiting around

This is all I do: 301 Moved Permanently