Pretty new here!

Hey guys,

Haven’t done one single trade so far! Opened an account with 1:100 margin and 3000 demo money, lost about a 1000 of it after a week. The first day, I earned about a 1000, but kept being very naive and lost it all. Playing around after a week, I have come to the idea that this market seems pretty stochastic.

I’ll stay a bit longer and will try different strategies. However, how successful are technical analysis and indicators and chart patterns, really? Is it a make it or break it?

Okay, imagine Tom! Tom is a CS and Math scientist and knows everything about forex, and has extensive knowledge in technical analysis, indicators, and pattern recognition? How rewarding will his experience and trading be in forex compared to average Joe?

What are some real people who have made, let’s say 50x ROI from forex?

sorry, I just want to get a feeling of the market and its potential from some people who are actually doing the trading?

Tnx buddies.

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